Normal smear results, GP wants to see me?

So i’m new to this and this is my first post on the forum so forgive me if there’s already a post similar to this one! :slight_smile:

I went for my very first cervical screening about 2 weeks ago (WHICH! was the most excruitating pain I’ve ever felt; the nurse told me I have a tipped uterus which would explain the pain) and I recieved a letter 1 week ago saying my results were “normal” - yippee!
But then I got a letter from my surgery saying that they would like me to book a non-urgent appointment with my GP to discuss the results of my smear test further. I booked the appointment (3 weeks from now) but i’m thinking all sorts now! The letter was very vague, telling me absolutely nothing, and 3 weeks is going to make me so anxious waiting around.

Is this normal to be called back to see your GP after normal smear test results? What would they like to discuss?

I told the nurse who did my smear that my periods have never been ‘normal’ (I’m 24, almost 25, and started my period when I was 13), my cycle is anything from 45-75 days long. Do you think she could’ve shared this info with my GP and this is the reason they’ve told me to book an app? I literally have no idea why they want to see me!

My apologies for writing so much! Thought it’d be best to give as much info as possible! Hopefully somebody else has had a similar experience?

Thank you in advance for any (hopeful!) replies! :slight_smile: x x x

Of course its worrying that’s natural but keep telling yourself that the smear was normal!! Honestly please do.
BUT I would ring the doctors first thing tomoz morning and tell them its really worrying you and you need a much sooner appointment, push and you will get it. When I had my results I was booked to see the doctor a week and a half later but that wasn’t good enough so I rung and explained so they said ring first thing in the morning and book a appointment that day. ( out practice is worked on a ring at 8 in the morning for same day appointment) if yours is the same do it tomoz for peace of mind. Please post back and let me know how you got on.

Thank you so much for the reply Monster! Although i'm not sure I agree with your username after your lovely reply! :-) 

I originally booked an appointment for 8th January (how ridiculous is that!! 1 month away!!) but I rang back and said I couldn't wait that long, so went with the other date they gave me - 29th December. Usually you can booked appointments for 2 weeks time, and other than that my surgery is the same as yours - 8am you phone for an appointment. Thank you for the reassurance! The "non-urgent" part of the letter made me feel a bit better but I suppose when the docs want you to book an appointment, you do worry! It's just odd isn't it! Why do they send out such vague letters! I suppose it's just curiosity rather than worry to be honest. I will phone tomorrow and see what they say. If unsuccessful, what's 3 weeks?! I can do that (hopefully.. :-P ).
I will absolutely post back and let you know how I get on though!

I've spoken to my mum and she's never known anybody to be called back after having normal results.. it's not like they're inviting me for another smear test, very strange! I've googled why they want to see me (as you do when you're paranoid - self diagnosis isn't good! But I did think I had a tipped uterus after watching Sex and the city.. Charlotte mentioned it, so I googled it, 1 week later the nurse says I have one! lol not good) and haven't found any results.. just about people having abnormal cells. So hopefully somebody out there who has had a similar experience sees this thread! 

Thanks again! x x x

Your welcome :slight_smile:
A lot of people say about my username Lol its the name of my sons pony who is actually far from a monster but monster was all my son could say at the time so it stuck :slight_smile:

When you ring tomoz don’t tell them what its about, just ring first thing and ask for an appointment, you may feel ill for all they know! After you have seen your doctor then cancel your other appointment . Oh and then of course come back and tell me how you got on as I’m new on here to ( awaiting major surgery next fri) but we are all here to support each other so any help or support I will try my hardest to help you.
Take care

That's so adorable! He sounds the sweetest!

Oh Jo, all my love to you, I will be thinking of you next friday. I hope you have a fast recovery afterwards too. Likewise with the help and support, i'm guessing you're having a hysterectomy from what your 'signature' says? My auntie had cervical cancer and had what i'm guessing is the same op, although I was too young to understand what was really happening. I'd love to hear from you afterwards to hear how you're getting on :-)

As for the doctors, I rang a little too late and they had no appointments left! So I figured what's a couple of weeks? They said it was non-urgent too so that somewhat put my mind at ease. The time leading up to my smear went so fast so i'm sure that will happen again, especially with being busy with the festivities an' all!

I hope you're ok and aren't too worried about your op, I know that must sound silly of me, so again likewise if you need any help and support! You have my love being sent over electronically! x x x


I thought i'd update on this post. So I went to my appointment and it was so silly, all that worrying for nothing! My doctor wasn't very happy when she found out I got a letter to make an appointment, as she said she would've rang me herself as it was so unnecessary and she knew i'd be worrying!

So it turns out I had a bit of thrush... that was it. I was very embarrassed and felt annoyed that i'd waited so long worrying just to find that out.

But I took advantage of my appointment and spoke about my menstrual problems. About how much pain im in every day. So my doctor sent me for blood tests and a transvaginal ultrasound. I had my results a couple of days ago and I have 1 polycystic ovary (which would explain the pain around that area!), and they weren't too sure about the other ovary. I've started to get pain in this ovary now though too so there's a chance it could be developing here aswell? Weirdly, my male hormone levels came back normal, which is strange for PCOS? But my female hormone level was high. Thyroid is fine, uterus is fine. So my doc is now writing to a 'specialist' for 'advice', which is really (hopefully) a quicker way of being referred to them, to then maybe continue the process of finding out what is really wrong. There's a chance i'd have a laparoscopy to see what's going on inside etc. I know this isn't "cervical" but like I said, I just thought i'd update! :-)

Anyhoo! Jo, I hope you're doing well and recovering beautifully from your hysterectomy. You've been in my thoughts a lot so I hope all is well with you x