Normal Smear but HPV High Risk

Hi, just after some advice from people going through the same thing.  Last October I found out I had contracted Genital Warts caused by Low Risk HPV.  The warts were treated at my local GUM clinic and have cleared up.  I wasnt due a smear test until July 2016 but had researched HPV so decided to pay privately for a smear test/HPV test.  This was carried out last friday and I received the results yesterday.

My smear test was normal/negative only showing a sign of candida, however HPV type 16 - high risk - was detected and they have suggested a colposcopy procedure.  When researching online it states having HPV 16 doesnt mean I have cancer but I am at higher risk of getting it in the future and I understand this can take years.  I am worried though as smear tests only test for the outer walls of the cervix, however if my smear is normal and not showing abnormalities should I be so worried?  

Look forward to her peoples experiences, comments. Thank you 

Hi gemofwhiz i have had the same result as you, i had CIN 3 last june and got LLetz treatment in july, i had my 6 month smear test in December, it came back changes to go to Colposcopy to get checked.

I went today for my Colposcopy, i got examined, she put the dye on to see if anything came up, She said that my cervix was healthy i just had a slight showing HPV which will hopefully clear up on its own.  I have to go to doctors again in 6 months for another smear test.

you only get tested for HPV after you have had LLetz treatment, so people can be going around with HPV and dont realise they have it, it usually heals itself, if not they will check it every so often to make sure it is not serious.

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I've never had an "abnormal" smear, but continue to have hr hpv and areas of abnormality on colposcopy... touch wood not progressed beyond CIN2. Lots of people have hr hpv, it does not mean cancer, nor does having abnormalities. There was this really unethical study where they looked at women with CIN and did not treat them to find out how many progressed to CC, very few did.



Hi Spacebunny

Thank you for your reply.  That's interesting to know, its worrying all of this but this forum is great.  I think googling stuff makes you go a little crazy and read into things that are not needed.  I have read some very interesting articles on HPV Virus and how people have got rid of it due to a healthy immune system, so I am going to do my best to remain healthy and boost my immune system hoping this helps.  The Dr thinks the virus originated from the warts and my body has got rid of those so hopefully it does with the virus. 

However, I am booked in for a colposcopy on the 13th April so only a 3 week wait.  Its my birthday this week so I want to try and put this all to the back of my mind to enjoy that until I go on the 13th April. 

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A full history of negative smear test results 

October 2014 - Contracted Genital Warts 

March 2015 - Smear & HPV Test - Results negative smear but HR HPV Virus type 16 detected.  

Referred for Colposcopy on 13th April 2015.