Normal smear before diagnosed

I am so sorry to all the people on here that have been diagnosed. You are all incredibly brave!!


i am awaiting biopsie results myself and worried.


was wondering if anyone had normal smears before there diagnosis.


i am having symptoms which is worrying me that it's gone to far. 


2007- mild changes

2007 normal

2008 normal

2010 normal

2013 normal


having sumpyoms so had colposcopy- white areas seen so taken biopsies. Awaiting results 

I had two borderline smears so was sent for colposcopy. There were white patches on the screen, but it was only CIN1 so they waited 6 months before another colposcopy. It was then CIN2 so they did a LLETZ.

Its extremely slow growing, so chances of you going from normal in 2013, to cancer in two years, is EXTREMELY LOW.

Everyone is different, so you can't base your exact details on anyone elses, but just know that chances are you have CIN1, especially after a normal smear. CIN1 often just gets better on its own once you look after your immune system. Best of luck!

Hi Spiros,

Please try not to worry too much, to give you some sense of perspective I didn't have 'white areas', I had a whole 7.5cm tumour, and even that hadn't gone 'too far'

Be lucky :-)


Hi there, have you tried calling for your results? i called for mine a week later as didn't want to wait on them arriving by post! You sound so anxious (no wonder! We are all nervous while waiting results)

I am awfully anxious. I'm under the nut nurses (lol) for health anxiety so this for me is torture!! 


I have rang today but nothing as yet. The sister said she would call me as soon as she sees them bless her xx

Hi Spiros,

I'm one of those people that would get pap smears every year (required annually to receive the pill). My first abnormal smear was this year, along with a diagnosis of HPV and then a diagnosis of cancer (with a sizeable tumor).

The only symptom I had was spotting between periods. 

It goes to show how easily it can be missed. 

Happy thoughts :)


Please don't tell women it is extremely slow growing.  That is not the case with a strain of high risk recently discovered.  I am at a prestigious cancer hospital in the U.S.  I was infected by a man from the UK. One time sexual attack.  Left with highly aggressive HPV not 16, 18 or 45.  Progressed to CIN 111 in less than a year.  Can happen and did happen.  Older women more susceptible.  Awaiting biopsy results from cone.  

Oh, and by the way, I had 10 years of negative HPV tests and perfectly normal Paps before infection a year ago. 

Yes, I had all normal for 12 years before being infected with HPV approx. one year ago.  Then, it quickly progressed.  Mine was high up in the canal I suppose.

Any results yet?  We are here for each other.  I hope your results are fine.

I want to know - how the heck are we supposed to improve our immune system and all when the stress of this is horrible?!  Who has been successful at that?!

The owner of this post is highly anxious as you can tell by her numerous posts, so I was doing my best to comfort her by this fact, as she has another few weeks to wait for results.

There are obviously exceptions, so I will rephrase to "in general, cervical cancer is extremely slow growing."