Normal smear, abnormal bleeding

I’ve never done anything like this before so I am a bit nervous but so concerned I wanted to try and hear from someone who could have been in a similar situation.
I had a smear quite recently (within the last 6 months) which came back as normal and at the time I had no concerns. Roughly 4 months ago I realised I was bleeding after sex only lightly but it would last longer and longer and was becoming more uncomfortable and painful each time. I still didn’t really think much of it.
I had planned to see my GP but for some reason she is away until mid Feb and I didn’t feel comfortable seeing anyone else. Then a few weeks ago I realised I was bleeding from the front when passing stools which I thought was strange! I stupidly googled it and it frightened the life out of me, I booked the next appointment with the next female gp which was this morning.
I couldn’t help but think that once the gp see that my last smear was normal she lost interest. She eventually examined me but compared to my last smear the insertion was ridiculously painful which to me was an even bigger sign something isn’t quite right? Even though i complained about the pain she told me everything looked normal and that I wasn’t bleeding then. (Although by the time I got home I was!) and acted as if she didn’t know what I was so upset about! She’s booked me in for bloods in the morning to test for thyroid problems. But reading so many stories about normal smears I can’t help but thinking I need to get a second opinion? I’m so worried I can’t stop thinking about it I’ve almost got a gut feeling this isn’t right and wondered if anyone else has experienced the same sort of thing?

I personally think you should go back For a second opinion. Vaginal bleeding should be investigated (tthat's what I was told anyway) 

I agree, go back to the GP (possibly a different one if you feel this one was dismissive) and ask for a referral to gynaecology. Tell them you're worried and you need to have an explanation for the bleeding. I have had the same problem, because i have symptoms but my last smear was normal and I always go regularly. I ended up getting a private consultation, which cost £140. She took a smear, which everyone else had been refusing to do, and I've just had the results - low grade dyskariosis with high risk hpv. The private consultant was able to get this processed on the NHS, because it is clinically indicated due to my symptoms of bleeding after sex. I recommend that course of action if you feel you're not getting anywhere with the GP.

Thanks for your advise!

My bloods came back clear today so now have to decide if to wait another week for my appointment of go as an emergency in the morning to try and get referred!