Normal Result After No Treatment

Something strange has happened: after being dianosed with CIN2/moderate dyskaryosis last year and not going for loop excision, I recently booked in for a smear test and my result has come back normal.

I am by NO means advocating that anyone wait or postpone treatment (our bodies are all very unique), but I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else? Or even if I should trust the results.

My GP has recommended that I go for a colposcopy for a better examination (I agree) considering my previous results. I suppose it is fair to say that smear tests are not reliable (which is rather worrying).

What do you all make of this?


As far as I understand it, cell changes can return to normal in many women, although I thought this was more likely with borderline and mild changes. This is why many women are left to see what happens with the cells. Unfortuantely it's never happened to me, but I'm sure there are many ladies who have had this happen to them.

As for smear reults not being reliable, the result will only show what was in the small sample of cells taken. A smear test can't know what is happening with the areas of the cervix that the test won't take cells from, which is why it's good you're being referred to colposcopy to have a proper check.  It sounds like you have a good GP who is just double checking bearing in mind your last result Maybe the cells have returned to normal, but at least if this isn't the case they'll be able to find that out, and you'll then know for sure. 

Hope this helps, all the best to you x

Hi Twilight,

Thanks for your message: it means a lot.

I've been trying to think what I have been doing differently since last October when I went for a colposcopy and was offered treatment on the spot (I was diagnosed with CIN2 at that point), which I turned down.

The only thing I can think of (and I recommend this), is to start taking vitamins, especially Vitamin E. I used to be the kind of person who would fall ill in a big way (off work with illness) about three times a year, and coughed for the longest time. I don't smoke or drink a lot, but after I started taking the vitamins (along with Cod Liver Oil) once a day, I noticed that I felt much better; stronger and clear headed. As I mentioned before, I can't say this will work for everyone.

As far as I'm aware, and have read, we all have cancer in us, but in very microscopic terms (possibly even smaller than that), but people who are diagnosed with cancer, as we know it, develop it because of immune deficiencies and other possible factors, so it grows and multiplies at a rapid rate to the point where it's detected by tests.

One thing I've read is that sugar feeds cancer, so possibly one good thing for me do is to cut out sugar from my diet entirely. But then I don't tend to eat much sugar on a daily basis: I don't take it with my tea and I tend not to snack too much. I don't have cancer, but I'm just writing this for anyone's benefit.

What I do know is that I contracted HPV sometime between 2007-2011. During those years I was very down inside and suffered from depression for a long time because of something bad that happened, and that only very recently have been feeling my old pre-2007 self again. It wouldn't surprise me if I contracted HPV (or my body couldn't beat it off), because my immune system was so rubbish at the time. It makes sense now.

Of course, being diagnosed with HPV in 2011 didn't make me feel great: I have felt very conflicted because I'm in my mid-30s and I'm single. Being diagnosed with HPV, as some of you other singles out there may agree with, has made me feel very inadequate and flawed as anybody's girlfriend. So, while I've wanted to date, knowing what I have has held me back from forming a relationship (or even any casual ones) with any men. It's just been very difficult. 

I've been thinking a lot since my normal result the other day. I think I'll go for a colposcopy if I have to, and I'll take it from there.

I'm also going to arrange for a Gardasil vaccination (even my doctor recommended this). You might've been told that it's not worth having if you've already been diagnosed with HPV, but while it's not a cure, it is a preventative. So even if it doesn't help you 100% (as it would help anyone who isn't yet sexually active), it will help and should keep things from getting worse if you are at a pre-cancerous stage (CIN1/2/3).

I'll also try to eat better: so that means lots of avocado, blueberries, salmon, ginger, kale, garlic, quinoa, walnuts, pine nuts, edamame, tofu, oats, flaxseed, sushi, olive oil, broccoli, spinach, tomatoes, tuna, sweet potatoes, carrots, bananas, apples, pineapple, mango, melon, grapes, red peppers, figs, asian pears, lychee, guava -- and dark chocolate would you believe? Apparently that's good for you as it contains flavonoid antioxidants (whatever they are).

I just hope that things don't get worse of course, but if they do, then I'll try to continue to live and eat as healthily as I can so I won't expose myself to any oxidants. 

If things get to the point where I have recurring CIN1/2 post-treatment, then I will think about having my eggs frozen and I'll consider going the surrogate route so I can at least have biological children (I know I make it sound easy and perhaps it isn't. I'm aware that route may be hard). I'm worried about having several procedures/treatments and still being diagnosed with repeat CIN1/2 or 3 - or worse.

Anyway, reading this forum is great. You all put things into perspective for me; thanks for that.

I can only hope we all get through this. 

The only and best thing I can do for myself now is to fight this (HPV) with a positive attitude (I know it's not easy), and to take care of myself with regards to what I eat, how I live and the lifestyle choices I make.

I wish you all the best. 






Wow thats good how we can beat off something like that.. vitamins vit e sound good. I already take wellwomen and vit b6 for hormone regulatory and extra vit c.. all the best to u xx