Normal Pap - High Risk HPV

Hello Everyone! I am new here & this looks to be a good place for support. A little on my current history. In September 2014 (last year) my Pap was normal (negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy) and my HPV test was positive for high risk HPV (16 & 18 were negative). I had another test (a little over a year later per my doctor) last month, November 20, 2015. My results were the exact same! Normal Pap/HR HPV (not 16 or 18). I am scheduled for a Colposcopy next week. Any advice/thoughts?? Thank you!

hi…im new too but it sounds like they are doing a colposcopy because of the high risk hpv only as you have tested twice and both positive im not sure but i think they normally expect the body to fight the hpv alone in time and since your still positive i guess they want to be on the safe side and have a look?

i have a colposcopy to this week i had abnormal boderline to mild changes and positive HPV …if you want you can dm me i mean that fact that the smear is clear for abnormal cells is good right??

positive thoughts :slight_smile: