Normal Pap - High Risk HPV-18

Hello all,
For the past seven years, I’ve been getting regular pap tests, all of which have been normal. I’m 34 and have been with my husband for six years. We recently decided to have a baby, so we got some tests done. Despite my last pap test being clear, they found HPV 18 during the detailed test. Tomorrow, I’m going for a colposcopy. While I trust my husband and don’t suspect infidelity, I’m deeply concerned about this diagnosis. It’s possible that I contracted the virus from him six years ago. I hope it hasn’t turned into a cancerous or precancerous cell yet. and I hope it has been dormant in my system since then and I can get rid of it… However, my ultimate desire is to have a baby, adding an extra layer of anxiety to this situation. Has anyone else experienced a similar journey?