Normal colposcopy, but couldn't see junction, repeat smear 6mths

I was referred for colposcopy after borderline changes, and Hpv pos, which was worrying as I’d been through the same thing 7 years previously, with LOOP after CIN2 and 3, although I’d been back on 3 yearly recall from 2013. Results last week showed normal cervix, no aceto white changes ( I think that’s the fluid bit), but she said she couldn’t see what she needs to see so I’m referred back for another smear in 6 months. She said not to be alarmed, but given my hpv positive, and previous history, this seems odd. She even said it could go back to normal smear result in 6 months but with hpv I’ll stay on yearly recall anyway. Can’t find anything similar on this forum. Anyone had similar results?