Normal Biopsy but repeat colposcopy required

Hello all!

I had a smear in 2018 which was normal.

However for the past year ive had post-coital bleeding and since May 2020 have had abnormal bleeding. GP did some swabs and an internal examination and said i have an ectropian (advised this isnt anything to worry about and normally caused by the pill), however because of my symptoms i would be referred for a colposcopy.

I waited 3 months for the colposcopy, the doctor advised of what the GP had written and he would have a look and can put something on the ectropian.

Performed the colposcopy and mood changed very quickly and told me he needed to take 4 biopsy's and i would hear in 2 weeks. I then got a letter to say the colposcopy was suggestive of high grade lesions?

Biopsy result came back a week later and my letter states that the biopsy found no abnormalities but i need to be seen in clinic for a repeat colposcopy? i have an appointment for 3 months time (11/03/21). I have called several times to try get more information but all they can tell me is that the biopsy results do not reflect what was seen during the colposcopy so the doctor wants to repet it.

Just wondered if anyone else has been in a similar position? im thankful that i will be seen again to be sure, but also concerned as feel like im in the waiting game all over again with no clear answers!


I am sorry you are going through this. You must feel worried. I had a letter that told me the result was normal but I found out later that they had not taken enough cells to get a result. The next biopsy did show a change in cells which needed treatment.

It is great that you are going back in 3 months. I had a year between biopsies because of covid.