Normal after lletz?????

Hi guys

youve prob heard it before but I've had a scan through the forum and can't see anything on it. Sorry if its a bit graphic but I had the lletz on Monday for CGIN and CIN so they took a cone biopsy and for the most part I've been fine, minimal cramping, tiny amount sof bleeding but since last night whenever I have gone to the loo it looks like I am passing black ash???? Some big bits but mostly small. Is this normal??? I had my coil removed at the same time so don't know if that could be connected??? 

Sorry for the really graphic details, it's prob normal but you don't know til you ask do you?? is anyone else waiting for results? I don't really know what to think, the dr told me it was a low chance of coming back cancerous and I've kinda just taken her word for it, she wouldn't lie would she? 

Hope you're all well xx

hi Mandy, hope you’re ok. I had my lletz on 15th. I experienced the same as you, like black ash. I also passed orange, green, black, red and brown colours and these are all apparently normal. I have not had any bleeding though. hope that helps a bit x

Hi Mandy, i had my lletz done 2 weeks ago. I was told itl be up to 4 weeks for results. Its awful waiting and not knowing isnt it! I am so jumpy when the phone rings or when a letter comes for me. frown

I asked does she think mines cancer and she said 'she doesnt think so'. I do think they can tell a good bit at the colp if its cancer or not but they cant be certain. I've saw cases here were the girls are told its not cancer and it ends up that it is. That scares me but i still think that for the majority it isnt cancer. Also alot of girls seemed to get bad news at the colp that it seemed to be cancer so i told myself all i could hope for was that id be told it doesnt look like cancer. I think thats all they can really say at this stage until the results come back.

I too have been getting wee black particles, this is meant to be normal and supposily its burnt bits from the lletz so i wouldnt worry. How long have you been told for results? xxx 

Hi Em and Sheila

thanks for your replies! It's nice to know ther people are feeling the same things as me.  Do you know when we can bath again?? My dr never actually said I couldn't have a bath but it did say it in the leaflet that she gave me and I am now craving a long hot soak!!! 

I also keep seeing that people are diagnosed after being told cc is unlikely, makes me so nervous, I both dread and look forward to the postman, I obviously want to know but at the same time don't. It's such a confliction of emotions, I find that quite hard. I've been given a 4-6 week wait for results although I am guessing that if something shows up they will get in contact sooner?????  The other thing I keep seeing is that people with CGIN are sometimes offered a hysterectomy straight out?? I don't really understand the CGIN diagnosis but the dr we think said into a dictaphone that I had CIN3 and CGIN2??? I don't even think CGIN2 exists?????? All these questions and no answers except for google lol and we all know how that ends!!!!

Hope you're all well and trying to enjoy the weekend! 


Hey hun, yeh i am scared of getting my results too early incase its bad news. Im scared to open every letter lol. The not knowing is awful and google def makes you think the worst. I think iv lookd at every site about pre cancer cells! I was told i could have a bath straight away but i see alot of girls are told you cant for 4 weeks. I love my baths! Some people were told they could bath but dont use bubblebath so this is what iv been doing. Its 2 weeks since my lletz tomorrow. I dont want to hear anything this week cuz il b scared its bad news. Did you have a biopsy before lletz or did you have your lletz straight away at colp? I didnt have a biopsy, they did lletz at colp. Xxx


Rosehip I'm sorry to hear it wasn't good news, how are you dealing with it? I hope you're ok (as ok as you can be I guess!) Did you have CGIN too? I think even if I dont get the news I'm hoping for I will be ok, I'm quite prepared, at my first apt my dr wasn't very positive but when she did the lletz she seemed a bit better, I think the problem with CGIN is that they can't see very well so it's a bit pot luck??? It's funny you mention hot water bottle, mine has become my best friend!!! I have no idea when to expect a period as they removed my coil so I'm blaming any mood swings on uncertain PMT lol!

sheila I had a colposcopy but because I had the coil fitted she wanted me to wait 2 weeks to make sure there was no way I could fall pregnant when it was removed, that's what showed up the CGIN and CIN3. I'm debating just having a bath, now the nights are darker it's making it even harder to resist lol! A nice glass of wine and hot bath....bliss!!!


Has Rosehip gone? her replies and my messages to her have disappeared? X


Hi Mandy - just saw your message - thanks for missing me x Jo’s accidentally deleted me from the system for a while so all of my posts disappeared. I’m back now though and gearing up for the hysterectomy.

Hope all is well with you x

Im new to this forum but i hope someone can help. i had my lletz just over two week ago now for CIN3. i don’t no what the hell is normal…i’m so confused. I had no bleeding at all afterward,just a yellow tinted water discharge…sorry if tmi. The after a week it turned slightly pink…then at the 2 week stage i started bleeding heavier but it was my period due date…so im confused if it is my period or if i have an infection. I dont have any cramping,pain or fever…no real smell that i dont consider normal. Passed a few clots but that is normal 4 my periods though. Ive had headache n tiredness but again that is normal 4 me. Does it sound like infection to anyone else??? is this normal?? Slightly bloated too.It varies from darker blood to fresher blood.Its about normal amount for my time of the month but with it being after my lletz im not sure if its my period or not even though it was due. Also a few days after i had lletz my doctor put me on co-amoxiclav to prevent infection and its been a week since i completed the antibiotic course. Help please??? my brain is exploding with what ifs? Im already on edge for my results too :frowning: x

Hi Rachael

I had my first LLETZ two weeks ago tomorrow and the waiting is doing my head in too. I got an infection (I think) and just came off antibiotics yesterday - the symptoms of my infection were really smelling discharge, feeling wiped out and lower back pain. Two weeks on, I am still have pinkish blood daily which is an annoying reminder of the procedure and waiting for thr results if nothing else! It doesn’t sound like an infection but I would always suggest you speak to your doctor if you have any questions - I find my doctors have been fab and helpful.
I like you, am stressing over the results. The weekends are the worst for me because it’s when I’m not at work and it is an effort to keep busy and keep my mind occupied! I got all stressed on the Sunday with worry but felt better after having a chat with my partner. There are always lots of “what if’s” going through my head too, but it’s not healthy. No news is good news and there’s no point worry about a million possibilities when there’s only going to be one result (or so my boyfriend told me!)

Internet has its pros and cons. I kind of feel that getting to the two week mark is a good sign and I haven’t been called into the hospital urgently. I rang my gp too to see if they’d heard anything and they hadn’t. I am reading the posts here daily because it is a supportive network and I haven’t told my family beacause at present - touch wood - there’s nothing to tell.
Chin up, it’ll all be over soon :slight_smile: At least we can enjoy a glass of wine now we’re both off the antibiotics!

I had my lletz done on the 9th jan and I started with bright trend bleeding on weds which is exactly 2 weeks to the day. 

  I went to my GP and she said she wasn't sure if the blood was coming from inside the cervix as in early period or from the lletz. Did a swab for infection but I just finished antibiotics. 

The bleeding is light, lighter then a period I think ( I use tampons so don't really know) and mainly there when I wipe. As I rested pall weekend. So none really on my pad. 

i went to out of hours doctors last night coz its really scarying me that my cervix is not healing and I'm going to vleed to death. 

aby advise would be fantastic as I'm worried sick if this isn't an early period then I have worse to come. 

Please advise I'm panicking thanks ladies hope ur all ok xxxx

Hi Sarah,

I think you've posted on another section somewhere, but I've just seen this and thought I'd reply in case noone had elsewhere - don't panic! I may be about to be a bit graphic but -  I had exactly the same thing after LLETZ - no bleeding for about two weeks (just some manky discharge, of varying colours I migiht add! but I thought 'wahey I've escaped the bleed!' and then, just like you, there was blood after about two weeks and it wasn't a lot compared to a period (again, I only think as I use tampons too) but I was like... bleeding...and then at three weeks...still bleeding... surely I'll have used up all my blood soon... and the bright red blood continued in various amounts (worse when I did any exercise...for exercise read jogged up the stairs at work lol) but then finally finished after my period (towards the end of week 5) then I had a bit of random discharge and then mid week 6 I was finally 'normal' again! 

It's a long slog, and it's gross, and you'll feel washed out and crap and wonder when you'll ever be normal again (hopfully that's not just me lol) but you will get there :) x x x x x