Normal after infection from lletz procedure???

I was wondering if what I'm experiencing is normal. I've had a rough time after my lletz. Got a really bad infection a few days after and two weeks later after antibiotics for it, I was still bleeding, passing clots and in pain. After speaking on here and to my partner I went to the doctors and it seems the 1st lot of antibiotics hadnt cleared the infection and have been put back on them. Anyways, the bleeding is slowing down and the clots have gone, but I'm still in pain. Because of the clots, I have been checking everytime I go for a wee (sorry ladies for tmi) now instead of clots, I see little bits of what I can only describe as flesh. Is this normal? Is this the infection? I don't want to go back to the doctors because she was talking about admitting me to hospital if I had any more problems. I have 3 small children to look after and start my new job Thursday so hospitalisation is not an option for me. Just really need to know if I'm worrying over nothing or if I need to actually admit defeat and go :(

hi Frankie, good to hear you are slowly starting to feel a little better. I suppose everybody experiences things slightly different after lletz, personally I didnt pass anything like you describe but I suppose its possible that after all the trouble you have had with infection it could be the 'scab' falling away as the tissue underneath begins to heal, yours may have not gotten to the 'flakey' stage with all the goings on. But I am no medical expert so if you are worried I would seek a more informed opinion :)

I've spoken with my doctor and she has informed me that what I'm now experiencing isnt normal and my infection has cleared. Off to hospital with me it is to find out exactly what is wrong :(

soory to hear that Frankie, please let us know how you get on.

wishing you a speedy recovery