None urgent referral!

After months of dismissing spotting inbetween periods (March and July) I visited the nurse. She did some swabs to test for infections and wanted to check my cervix for erosions. She couldn't carry this out at the time I was bleeding still so couldn't look properly to diagnose. I've since been back and she has confirmed I have an erosion so is sending me to Colposcopy as an outpatient, but says the referral isn't urgent. My swabs were all normal, my smear isn't due until next year so haven't had a smear since 2013. I've had a full blood count test which was ok. What are they likely to do at Colposcopy the nurse said something about treating to area to stop the bleeding happening? I've been anxious for ten days and reading into all sorts. I've had two smear tests since the age of 25 as I'm now 30 and never had any abnormalities. How often have you spotted with an erosion?

Hi, I don't know all the ins and outs but found this info, which seems good. I hope it helps :-) Good luck with your colposcopy xx