Node involvement positive stories anyone

Hi ladies

I got my diagnosis yesterday and treatment plan so funnily enough feeling a bit better.  I'm a 2a with a bulmy tumour and a couple of pelvic nodes involved.  My treatment plan is radio chemo and brachy and they say it's curative.

I was just wondering if any ladies had positive stories involving the nodes being involved as Ive had to ban myself from Google.  Id be really great full to hear any stories if possible.  Also my only real worry is how likely the nodes are likely to spread elsewhere while I wait for treatment which is three weeks (sorry if that's too medical!!)

i also wanted to say that I know a lot off ladies are still waiting for their staging etc, u might be difderent but once I knew exactly what I am dealing with and the treatmemy I have felt a lot better. i hope u don't have too much longer to wait and once the information is there it does feel a bit better.


i would be grateful if anyone is able to get back to me.

thanks for reading



Kimmy I can't answer your question - it is a good one to get back to the hospital about perhaps? i am glad you have a plan and that you can be confident that your treatment will succeed. Lots of love!

Hi Kimmy,

I have heard good news stories about chemo-rads-brachy totally curing women with node involvement and if I could put names to stories I'd point you right at them, so sorry I can't remember exactly who but I'm sure one of them will be along to reassure you soon enough :-)

Be lucky :-)

Hi Kimmy,

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I just wanted to let you know that I had node involvment in 2008 and had the same treatment that you are to have. I am fine now so hopefully that puts your mind at rest. I am sure that there are other ladies on here too.

Good luck with your treatment,



Hi ladies

thanks so much for your replies it's put my mind at ease and now I'm focusing on getting better! Jules so glad things are going well for u and thanks for taking the time to reply!


Hi Kimmy,

I think I'm a similar case to you, but I have a PET scan tomorrow to confirm things before I get my treatment plan. My MRI has shown something in my pelvic area, aswell as my CC, so the consultant is assuming node involvement in the area. He has told me he expects the same treatment as you have said, but the PET scan will confirm.

Also having an appointment in Liverpool next week regarding fertility options, so that may slow itdown a tad!

Hope all goes well,


Hi Kimmy,

I had three positive pelvic lymph nodes diagnosis of 1B1.

The treament was a radical hysterectomy radio and chemo and internal radiotherapy in 2005.

Apart from a couple of issues with bowel and bladder I am thankfully still ok.

I wish you all the best Kimmy keep us posted.