No yearly smear after cin3 + hpv


This is my first time on here and really hope someone could give me a big of advice to put mh mind at rest.

Just over 3 years ago on my 25th birthday (august 2010) i got the letter for my first smear which i had in oct. After biopsy etc the result came back as having cin3 which i had loop diathermy (lletz?) i was then told hpv was detected. 6 months after (oct/nov 2011)i had a repeat smear which came back with no problems. The nurse told me i would be called back again in 3 years.

I have read in quite a few places its normal to have yearly checks for a few years once this has happened but its been just over 3 years now. 

I had a baby 6 months ago so not sure if that changes anything and also changed doctors since then.

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Gemma xxx

5 years ago I had mild dyskaryosis, which they did colposcopy and took biopsies for. All came back clear, had a few 6 monthly smears then annually. Recently they picked up cgin on my smear (still annual), did lletz and was told I would be under review for 10 years.

So in response to your question, yes I think they should have had you on annual check up. Ring your local pct to discuss or better go see you gp and get your smear!!


Hi Gemma,

Since they introduced HPV testing the follow up after treatment has changed. Now if a woman tests clear for abnormalities and HPV 6 months after treatment then she is returned to routine 3 yearly recall. It's called 'test of cure'. Most women don't have further problems after LLETZ.

It used to be that women would have an annual smear test for 10 years but not any longer. So what they've said to you about returning to 3 yearly recall is correct, but do chat to your GP if you're worried.

There is more info on the NHS screening website which include a flow chart showing how ladies are managed now. The website is if you'd like to read more about it.

Take care and all the best x

Thankyou Pegasus84 and Twilight12 

You have both put my mind at rest ☺ xxx