no treatment yet

Hi i had an abnormal smear result of high grade dyskerisos so was booked in for a colposcopy i had this done today.
They took 3 biospys and said i will get results in 4 weeks.
She said it was definitely high grade.
What i have read on these forums people have treatment there and then but i have to wait until biospys come back!
Is this normal will i need treatment? They said i would have the loop treatment as this is a good way but does the biospy get rid of the abnornal cells? I didn’t ask questions i couldn’t think.
She said they will grade cin but thinks its either cin 2 or 3.

Also did anyone need to keep going for a wee afterwards im up and down needing to go toilet. Not nice backache and stomach ache.

Thanks for your advice.

Hi stacey

so I'm new to this but couldn't read and pass by without saying hi, so I had my smear results a couple of weeks ago and results came back boarderline changes, I went for a colposcopy yesterday, I to had 3 taken and have to wait for results but the nurse said she belives its more than boarder line, I have read others had treatment at the same time so I questioned this yesterday,but the nurse said she wanted correct results to do correct treatment. My mind is doing overtime at the moment.

jo xx

Thank you jo for replying i hope your results come back ok.

Very worrying times.

She gave me a letter which also goes to my gp and says high grade so thinking its def cin 2 or 3. 4 weeks seems so long away! 

I really appreciate you replying please keep in contact and let me know how you get on xx

Hey.....hopefully results will be back before the timescale given,how are you feeling today?? Xx

Hi Staceylh , I too am in your shoes. I also had a colp this week due to abnormal smear result (my first one). I was also told that there was high grade changes but they only did two biopsys, i saw how much was affected and it definetly will need removing so I'm uncertain why I didn't have the lletz treatment there and then. the doctor didn't disagree with me when I said I'd def need a lletz treatment. So why wait? I don't have children yet so I wonder maybe he was trying to preserve my cervix if he could but it still needs to be removed ??!? I understand your frustration entirely :( are u struggling with how long we have to wait until the results? as I don't know how not to think about it for so long :( hope your feeling ok after your biopsy xx

Hey was you told how long you're results would take?? I couldn't watch on the screen as it wasn't working but told there was a big area so I will need a ga for treatment, but wasn't told what treatment. I just want the results so I can deal with it. Xx

Hi jog85 I don't know if you were asking me then how long they said for results ? But if so, they didn't say. So I then phoned up and asked and they said normally four weeks. It's horrible waiting isn't it :( but it helps sharing experiences on here xx

Hey coldsplash11 yes sorry was asking you!! Yes waiting is driving me mental I had my biopsy a week tomorrow and was told 4 weeks, defiantly helps reading other people's views and knowing I'm not alone,fingers crossed we get our results before Xmas and start any treatment we need if any xx

I think it could be four weeks for us both then :( and maybe longer with the Christmas break :/ I hope we could have the results before Xmas but then half of me wouldn't want to know at Xmas time incase it was bad news. It really does help doesn't it having people to talk to who are going through the same thing . I agree the wait is awful- :( its so hard not to think about it. Xx

Hey girls any news yet?? Xx

No news for me yet  :/ xx

Hey girls I've got my results but not what I was expecting........... So my. Letter Says  cin one was detected and the treatment I had removed all the cells,and smear to be done in a year funny thing is tho I had no treatment only a biopsy so how have cells been removed?? Phoned to query this as doesn't figure and office is closed till the 4th of january  no idea what to do


jo xx

Hi sorry haven't been on in ages been so busy here.

No results yet for me everytime weds comes i think another week gone be 3 weeks on weds. 

Jo that sounds daft that you didn't have any treatment done and bloody typical office is closed how are you feeling?

The day after and a few days i was in pain and bleeding but ok now just want the results! 

Hope your ok coldsplash any news? 


Hey I couldn't rest so went to my doctors who managed to sort out I was sent the wrong letter I should of received a cin1 letter no treatment needed for now but will be monitored. I should not of been advised of any treatment and needing  ga to remove cells until my results were confirmed so I'm thinking the nurse was just preparing me for the worst!! So I'm now switching off and going to enjoy Xmas!! I will be called for a smear in a year but have been told any concerns I can have one before!! So I will be going by my gut and see what happens. Hopefully you all receive your results very soon!! Keep me posted!! 

Merry Christmas 



Merry Christmas jo!

Just received my results not great news i have cin 3 got an app on the 14th of jan to discuss it all and have treatment.

Not what i wanted to hear on Christmas eve but hey ho put it back to my mind and enjoy christmas with my family xxx

Hiya Stacey 

xmas eve!! That sucks!! but at least you know now!! 

Hoping you have managed to put to the back of your mind and enjoy your Christmas!!


keep me posted how you get on at your next appointment I'll be thinking of you.




Thanks jo had a lovely Christmas can't believe how fast it went.

Onto new year i hate new years eve always have 

Hope you had a good Christmas and feeling better.

I will keep you posted xx

Well had treatment done on thurs i had the leetz it didn't hurt as i thought it would i was dreading the local anaesthetic but didn't feel a thing.

Another biospy done so another 4 week wait need clear margins.


I forgot my log in details and couldn't get back in to wish you good luck last Wednesday night!! I was so cross with myself!! But I promise you I was thinking of you!! 

Pleased everything went well and wasn't as bad as you thought



fingers crossed for the clear margins (although it's more waiting) keep me posted again I'm thinking of you!!

Thank you jo xx