No treatment - when could I recover?

Hello all,

This is a bit of a niche complaint however I was hoping to find out if anyone has been for a return smear after one year and found abnormal cells had miraculously cured themselves without treatment?

I am applying to the RAF but unfortunately they will not approve me medically unless I have a squeaky clean smear test. Last year I had a colposocpy to examine my abnormal results and they determined they were so low risk that I was put back on the 3 yearly screening program with no treatment necessary (phew!). That's not however good enough for the RAF and now I am being asked to self-fund several repeat smears to see if I can be passed medically.

I've had a look around the forum but I haven't been able to find anyone in this position where they have gone back for a repeat smear and found that it has miraculously disappeared within a year time frame. I want to know what my chances are of this happening so I don't get my hopes up about joining.

It's been a bit rubbish this last year waiting for the RAF to give me their opinion on my case and having this worry about my cervix in the back of my head. My GP has tried to reassure me that the RAF standards are nothing to worry about and having these cells in my body does not mean I am unhealthy - I am getting a bit tired of being told otherwise by the RAF who are decidedly unsympathetic about my case! I am fed up of worryign abotu both my career and my health!

If anyone has had experience with repeat smears I would like to know what happened!


Did you get to the RAF medical as I am yet to have my medical but my recent smear has come back abnormal and I am due a colopscopy visit before my medical. I am hoping if the coloscopy comes back as no treatment needed I could convince them otherwise as it's the only miltary that using an abnormal smear as disqulfication!!

Hi both. Just wondering how you got on, I'm applying for the RAF after an abnormal smear, and was wondering if you had any luck?