No travel after LLETZ

Hello everyone,

I had a LLETZ yesterday; the procedure wasn’t delightful but it was ok, but since I’ve been a bit all over the place, tired, uncomfortable, unable to sleep, worried, teary, but I think this is all pretty common so I’m trying hard to be kind to myself.

My question is about travel; there was a lot of info in the appointment yesterday and I was on my own and obviously had my mind on what was happening so I’m not sure I’ve remembered everything correctly. I’m sure the doctor said to me I shouldn’t travel for four weeks after the LLETZ, no plane or trains, and preferably no driving myself too far either. The reason she gave was in case I haemorrhage and need to go to a hospital. But on the info sheet she gave me it doesn’t mention train travel; has anyone else been told this? I’ve only seen advice against travelling abroad online so am worrying I have got it wrong. I travel regularly for work and while I’m delighted to get to be lazy, I’m feeling a bit guilty!

(It’s not the only thing that she said differently to the leaflet; she said no baths but the leaflet says it’s ok as long as I don’t douche (does anyone actually do that?!). I’d really like a bath to make me feel better but I will err on the side of caution and just stick with blankets and tea I think).

My thoughts are with you if you’re going through this too x

Hi I had the lletz procedure done yesterday and I'm feeling the same way, really tired, light headed and ive been sick a couple of times too.

The doctor asked me if I was going on holiday anytime soon which we are in 5 weeks and she said that was fine just not to be flying before 4 weeks but didn't mention anything about driving or trains.

I had to drive today to get my daughter from school and I felt awful really light headed and dizzy and actually threw up when I got home so I'd say if you can try avoid travelling for a day or so at least.

You could always ring them for advice on the train travelling aspect though.

I was told no baths too but she didn't specify how long but dud say no swimming sex tampons heavy exercise for 4 weeks so I'm guessing its the same for baths too.

Big hugs for you going through this too x