No Trace


I thought I would share some positive news with you all.  I was diagnosed with CC 1b in June, and was treated with 5 Chemo - Cisplatin, 28 - Radiotherapy & 3 Brachytherapy.

I had my 1st check up appointment yesterday 19th October, since undergoing my treatment and was so relieved to be told there is no trace of the cancer.  I have to have to return for another check up in 3 months time.

I feel blessed that the only side effect from the treatments is stiffness in the hips but I am taking regular exercise to ensure this doesn't get any worse.  

Stay strong & Positive, 

Feisty xx

That's such fabulous news to hear :) I'm thrilled for you

Brilliant news!!! Onwards and upwards xxx

I wish the same outcome for you all, stay strong & I look forward to reading your success stories in the weeks to come

Feisty xx

Amazing news. Xxxx :-)

Hi Melanie,

Thank you, no, I was fortunate enough that I didn't lose my hair as I was treated with Cisplatin. 

It's good to feedback positive news to all the ladies starting their treatment cycles. I drew a lot of strength from the posts of other who had their treatment before I started mines, it's the fear of the unknown that is possibly the worst thing. The treatment wasn't as bad as I had feared it would be,

The best thing you can do is try and stay positive, 

Feisty xx