No Trace

I had my 1st check up appointment since having my treatment - 5 Chemo / 28 Radiotherapy / 3 Brachytherapy today and was so relieved to be told there is no trace of the cancer.  I have to have to return for another check up in 3 months time. I feel blessed that the only side effect from the treatments is stiffness in the hips but I am taking regular exercise to ensure this doesn't get any worse.  A glass or 2 of champagne may be on the menu for tonight.

We love good news.

Congratulations! Champagne sounds good. Enjoy!



Oh my god that is fantastic news, so pleased for you! I have had exactly the same treatment as you, got my MRI on the 3rd November, with appointment with consultant on 12th, I am so bricking it!!!!!!! Enjoy your champagne, you have soooo earned it! Xxxx

That's brilliant news Feisty

Would you care to spread some good cheer in 'Newly Diagnosed'? There's a lot of panic going on in that forum just now and I think stories like yours would do a power of good!

Be lucky :-)

Thanks Tivoli, 

To say I'm relieved is an understatement, and of course if it helps anyone else get through I'd be more than happy to share some good vibes,

Stay Strong,

Feisty xx

Thanks Tracy,

I understand how you are feeling 100%, just try & stay positive for another couple of weeks. I look forward to reading your good news very soon,


Feisty xx

Fiesty I'm delighted for u, excellent news so happy for u!!

Tracy, good luck my dear I have my scan and appointment mid Nov so know how scary it is!! Sending u warm thoughts!!


Aw thanks kimmy, back at ya xxx

Thanks so much! You have been exactly the shot in the arm some of those women needed!



Such amazing news!!!! I had the same news on Monday X

Oh Sweet Pea, that is fantastic news, I'm so pleased for you xx