No surgery?

Hi all,

The nurse called yesterday after my MDT meeting. She didn't give me a stage, though did tell me it's not stage 4 which I had got myself all worked up over.

She did say they probably weren't going to do surgery but I'd have radiotherapy and chemo. 

From what I can gather that means it's advanced and they think they wouldn't get it all with surgery? Has anyone else had this?

I know everyone will be different but I'm keen to hear stories so I can be prepared.

Also, any questions you can think of that I should ask the oncologist tomorrow? 

Thanks in advance x

Hi Sweetpea, 

I too had this. I was initially given a stage 2b but it was uparaded to a stage 3 after the mri. 

We were told that surgery wasn't an option and that my treatment would be chemo radio or both. Having met 

with the consultant yesterday, we now know I will be having 5 chemo, 5 weeks of daily radio and finishing off with 3 internal radio.

Initially we thought that that was not a good sign but have know been reassured that they are looking to get rid of it completly with this treatment plan.

In my case the surgery would have left me with stomas due to the damage they would cause to bowel and bladder. 

Don't panic that it's not an option and that there is no hope, that's not the case. 

Stay strong and be positve.


Hi Sweet pea,

Loads and loads of women on this forum have gone down the chemo/rads but no surgery route, very many of them 2b. My understanding is that the idea is to get straight on with the chemo/rads as quickly as possible because this will catch any spread if there is any, it will reduce the size of the tumour making future surgery easier if it has to be done at all, and you won't have to wait to recover from a hysterectomy before you can get started on the chemo rads. If I had had this option I would have been a very happy woman! As it turned out, my gynaecologist wanted to slice me up the middle regardless.

Be happy! :-)


Thanks for your reply Erin. 

I am hhoping to find out reasoning etc tomorrow.  I already feel better knowing it's treatable. I had got myself into quite a tizz.


When are you starting treatment? 


Missed your post Tivoli! 

Thanks for replying.  Your explanation makes me feel better! 

Bring on tomorrow xx

It does seem to be a common thing as Tivoli says. Fingers crossed that you can get more light shed tomorrow. 

My treatment is due to start before the 7th July.  I endured a 5 + hour blood transfusion today in preparation as my HB was down to 8.5. I have a PET scan tomorrow and the planning CT on Monday morning. In a strange way, I'm excited to finally be getting close to tackling this head on instead of the waiting that has been hell.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping you get somemore clarity.

stay strong and be positive 


Why did you have to have a blood transfusion? What's HB? Please excuse my ignorance!  hope you're feeling ok after it?

You really cannot grasp the waiting hell until you've been through it. I'm glad it's nearly over for you

Do you mind me asking if they discussed your fertility post treatment? I'm guessing radiotherapy fries it all!x

...I googled it (I have been trying to avoid it) :(

Hi there, only a very select few I think have a radical hysterectomy only, chemo radiation is very successful treatment usually used for stage 1b2 and above. I was a 2b but I don't have experience of chemo radiation myself, it's a lot of appointments and a lot to take in but you feel so much better when there is a plan in motion :) xx

Good luck today Sweetpea xxx