No surgery date???

Hi ladies, talk about throwing a spanner in the works! I was diagnosed on the ¡7th of Sept. with cc, had the option of having the radical hysterectomy or radiation & chemotherapy? Made my choice to go with the surgery after trying to read up & see what would be best for me- was told by specialist that both have equal % for cure rate. Okay so today I get a phonecall from the oncolgy nurse saying that I'm not currently on the surgery list which has just been compiled for the next 3 weeks?? She said this is due to funding, & that the specialist is limited with the amount of surgeries he can do, that if by Monday when she wil try to bring it up again & there is no joy, she encourages me to explore any other means of trying to get this done!! WTH?? I asked what type of means she recommends, & she replied that I should try to get hold of the HSE-write letters etc, or try campaigning with politicians!! What a bunch of shite!! So mad right now!!! I am in Ireland, not England if that makes a difference!!!! I feel like getting sick from this feeling I have as a result from this phonecall!!!

That's a bit crap, on top of everything - how can they not do what will be a life saving operation, how can they put it off and expect you to try & push it through politicians etc., Surely they are bound by ethics to offer the op as soon as possible?? this is a terrible situation for you - may I ask what part of Ireland you live - I live in Northern Ireland and had my surgery in Belfast City Hospital.

What an awful way to be treated, you must be pulling your hair out...

have you tried ringing McMillan? Or the help line on here for advice? Other than that, I'm no help really. Surely it can't be left to writing to MPs???? I was told at my hospital (south Lincolnshire, on east coast) that they have their guidelines of treatment within four weeks of diagnosis. Surely there must be some guidelines over there??

rest assure that cervical cancer is slow growing cancer so this should have no effect waiting a few extra weeks.

good luck matey, I really hope u get something sorted and SOON. Let us know

xxx dons

Hi bogeywoman, I am in Ireland, not Northern Ireland. Am just waiting for my GP to call me back & se what she suggests.

That's disgusting Hun, i work in the NHS here in south of England and believe me when I say the people who shout the loudest get seen quicker! I wouldn't be happy to wait a long time and would demand a surgery date! Let us know what your gp said x

So sorry to hear that, not helpful at all is it. Could you ask to be referred to someone different to see if you can get on their surgery list quicker? Xx


I'm so sorry to read your post and can honestly say I know what u r going through as the same happened to me here in England. I was referred by GP may 3rd and finally got into surgery 71 days later for a radical hysterectomy, however due to the wait my tumour had perforated the uterus wall, making it inoperable. This was July 12th. I has since undertaken five weeks of chemo and radiotherapy. My cancer was stage 1b at biopsy , but stage 2b after failed surgery. 

Now my advice. Providing Ireland is the same as England, the hospital has a duty of care to treat you within a certain amount of time. I emailed the dept of health directly and asked how long? For cancer treatable with drugs treatment must start within 31 days of date of referral, for surgery max wait must be 60 days, I waited 71. I contacted my mp, who has written lots of letters to the hospital, however the hospital took weeks to reply to him. I have received an apology from my hospital for booking my surgery outside of guidelines. As you have already waited outside the guidelines I would contact the surgeons secretary and quote they have a duty of care. My GP now wishes she had have got me admitted with pain, as she feels once on the ward they would have operated. You can also contact other hospitals, your GP can refer you, however by the time you get through their consultancy and MDT meetings you will still have a long wait :/ you could go down the oncology route, however again, this takes time to set up with planning scans needed. I hope I have offered you a bit of advice and please message me if I can help you more, I wish you luck X

Hi carol (saddress)

Thank you for your reply, so sorry you experienced this, awful for you, & now I'm terrified!!?How are you feeling now? Well I got a phone call yesterday after speaking to the consultants' secretary yesterday morning! I have an appointment for surgery on the 27th of November, this will bring me to 70 days, 1 day less than you! Can you tell me if you had any symptoms when it perforated?? Just so I can have an idea of what to look out for?? Oh I feel awful for you, & now me!!! Thank you for your info & reply xxx

Glad u have finally got a date in the diary!!! so so bad it has taken so long... Now use this time to write to everyone to tell ur story- newspaper, hospital, MPs, etc. Make sure u r heard. Perhaps might be worth keep ringing every few days about cancellations too?

good luck xxx