No smear result, nearly 4 weeks later.

Hi guys, apologies for the novel. The past few years I've had pain during sex (most of the time) and very heavy bleeding until going on the mini pill last summer which stopped all bleeding. I had my smear test on 9th June and have not stopped bleeding since, which is now 23 days!! It isn't a heavy bleed, mostly notice it when I go to the loo. I also found the test quite painful where as I never had this problem with my first smear. I also haven't recieved my results yet. Its all making me worry a bit, especially with the bleeding. I wish my results would just hurry up and come through the door, every day when I check my mail my heart sinks a little. Its really getting to me and my googling has gotten out of hand!! I'm 23 and have had a fair few sexual partners during my wild years which makes me worry even more. My anxiety has hit an all new level the past week and is affecting my mood in work, with my partner etc. What is the longest I will have to wait for these results and will my doctor know before I do? 

Hi hun my doctor new be for me I want 4 a check up coz I had I cough and she said to me so u got ur results I said no well I have so maybe just phone docs and make appointment to c her they won't tell u over phone hope all goes well x 


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4 week wait results

Yeah I think I'll give them a wee phone tomorrow, the receptionists at my docs are pretty terrible though, always question why you want to see the dr! Wouldn't be so worried if I wasn't still bleeding more than 3 weeks later. Feels petty me writing on here as I've read some of the horrific things people are going through here but just constantly worrying about the results and wanted to know if anyone had similar experience. Thanks hun x


Not sure if I can be much help but my results were back after 10 days. The nurse who did the smear told me to ring after 2 weeks if I hadn't heard anything. Maybe different regions have different results times though. 

i would definitely ring and pester them especially as you're having symptoms. Xc

Just spoke to my stepmum about it and she had to wait over 4 weeks for hers last month, maybe a backlog or something in my area?! Don't understand why the nurse said 2 weeks to me, she didn't mention to call her or anything but I'm defo going to call in the morning and see if they can give me any information! x