No results but appointment in 5 months

had LLETZ under GA 4 weeks ago. Got a letter today asking me to go for a colposcopy in five months time. I know that this must mean it's good news and they just want to see me for a check up but surely I should get some results! 

I have heard they send two letters one an appointment and one with results. Give them a call anyway to see where results are might be that the letter will be send next week. Sounds like good news to me xx

Oh great thank you Sarah. hoped this might be the case. Will give them a couple of days then ring. They seem to do things backwards! I got a call for colposcopy before I'd even revieved my smear results wixh sent me into a panic as the 'couldn't discuss results over the phone'.


who would I ring? The unit where I had my colposcopy?

Yes I would give the unit where you had colposcopy a call they may tell you or give you another number for colposcopy nurse who deals with results or consultants seceraty it seems to vary who you get the results from depending on where you live.  I think if thrre was a test on Colposcopy I think I would get a high score the amount of calls and research I seem to have done Lol xx


thank you for your help. This site has been great!