No results after lletz but hospital appointment letter?

Hi all, I'm new to the site, just wondering if anyone can she'd some light on this for me!


I had an abnormal smear in Feb and was told I had high grade (severe) dyskaryosis, so was referred for a colposcopy. They carried out lletz treatment then and there, and took some biopsies. They told me I should receive results in up to four weeks. Five weeks later I'm still waiting for results, but just came home to a letter telling me they've made an appointment for me to be admitted on to the ward next month. The letter has no explanation of my results or even what the appointment is for but seems to be for a procedure under general anaesthetic!!! Typically this has arrived on a Friday so now I can't ring the hospital until Monday so I'm going to have to spend all weekend worried out of my mind!!!

Has anyone had a similar experience or can give me a bit of insight in to what it might be?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, not sure I will be able to help but just wanted to reply as you must be so worried. It’s awful when you receive things like this with no explanation - and at a time that you can’t get in touch with them for further info!! After my first LLETZ I was also sent a letter with an appointment but no explanation! It was also at the weekend and took a few days for them to return my call. I knew it meant one of two things - either they didn’t get it all out or they found something bad. When they rang back she was lovely and explained that I didn’t have clear margins so would need another LLETZ, she even said the consultant would squeeze me in after his clinic the following day so I could talk about it face to face.

I bet this is the case for you. Your LLETZ must have come back with ‘unclear margins’ which means they didn’t get it all out and you’ll need another one or a cone biopsy. I had my second one with local but only because that was my consultants preference - it was painful because it was so deep, local didn’t fully work and they couldn’t stop the bleeding afterwards so I’d probably have been better off asleep! It is much more common for a second LLETZ to be under general so if I was you I’d be assuming this is what is happening. After my second one I got clear margins so hopefully they just need to go a little bit deeper for you too. 

Really hope you get some answers tomorrow as it really is unfair for them to do things like this. It just sends people into panic mode, I don’t understand why they can’t just put a cover letter in with appts that explains what it’s for etc.

Good luck, let us know xx