No recall letter


After having CIN 3, 3 times and lletz 3 times, 3 years ago at test of cure they said they wouldn't do lletz again and so I had biopsies taken, no CIN present just HPV and abnormalities.

I expected to be called a year later, when I didn't get a letter I called the GP, they said unless any symptoms wait for the recall letter. I had no symptoms so 3 years later...

I went for my 3 yearly routine smear and the nurse told me I'd missed my 1 year smear. It turns out that they hadn't sent me a recall letter. I'm sure all will be fine but once the nurse started doing the smear she stopped talking and at the end checked my mobile number so she could call me if it was positive.

just so cross that I didn't get a letter. Has anyone else been through this.

thank you for letting me vent



 Hi Julia

I haven't had that happen, always been sent a reminder for follow up on time. Thats just shocking, not only that they didn't send you the follow up but that your gp didn't take action when you called to chase the appointment. You did the right thing by flagging up to him that your appointment hadn't come through, he should of chased it up.



Hi Libby 123,

Thank you for replying. I just keep thinking everyday that I don't get a call is a good sign.

I feel so cross at the doctors, you put your trust in them don't you and I've always been really good and booked a smear as soon as I get a smear letter.

fingers crossed it's ok.



Following on from my first comment...

I've been HPV positive for every smear for years, they didn't call me back after a year and when I went for my smear 6 weeks go, the nurse said I should have been seen after a year.

Today after 6 weeks, no letter just a text saying smear result HPV positive, repeat smear in a year.

what a way to get the result by text, and I'm sure I should have another colposcopy as I've not had a clear smear in years.

anyone else got their positive smear results by text? 


Hi Julia 19,

That seems really odd, surely you need a colposcopy referral. I think you should request one, if just for peace of mind. Especially as you have been let down in the past regarding your recall. Can you speak to your GP about it and request a referral to colposcopy?