No planned routine follow up after radical??

Hi All

I had a radical hysterectomy 3 weeks ago for cc staged at 1b1.  Thankfully histology shows no further treatment needed. However, I have received a letter from the Consultant saying that he will see me in January for post op check but then does not plan to see me in clinic routinely.  Is this usual practice?. Most of the ladies on here who have had a radical seem to have check ups for the first few years. Can anyone help? All advice welcomed! X

Hiya, Hun, I've just had my 3 month check up after my hysterectomy In July. The consultant said I've to go back in 3 months and will get a vault smear(not looking forward to that!) 

im a bit worried Im not going to get any other scans etc

Hi ziggy I’m 5 months post radical and like yourself didn’t need further treatment thank goodness I haven’t had any follow ups either even though I was told I would be seen every 3 months! I’m going to give my consultants secretary a ring tomorrow to see what going on. 

Kay x

Thanks both. Think I will call my consultant's secretary too. Just don't want to them to think I'm making a fuss but feel a bit abandoned! ! Xx


I'm surprised that you don't get more follow ups too. You will get 2 vault smears, I presume that they will be done by a consultant. 

Sorry to hijack this thread but I'm having a hysterectomy on Thursday for high grade CGIN and I just wondered if they will test my remaining cervix for any abnormal cells? It's a question to ask the consultant I know but I thought you guys are very knowledgeable.  Also, any recovery tips? Thanks.