No period after procedure

Hi everyone,

Has anyone else experienced a missing period after a cervical procedure? After having CIN3 and a 

LLETZ a year or so ago, I ended up with a cervical ectropian (abnormal cell growth that's not cancerous but causes bleeding) and a couple of weeks ago I had my cervix cauterised to get rid of it.

My period was due a week ago but hasn't come. I had all the pain, nausea and other symptoms on time but no real bleeding. I'm really worry that it's trapped inside me either due to abnormal healing or infection. My period came ok on time after the LLETZ but now I've just got a tiny drop of blood mixed with the normal 'healing discharge' and I don't know if that's a bit of period trying to get out or if that's the wound bleeding. 

Live been feeling pretty rough for a few days, exhausted, sometimes a bit hot, or nauseous with occasional pain or itching but nothing extreme or persistent enough for me to brave telling the doctor yet. Anyone else had a similar experience?