No period after leep procedure


I had a loop procedure 13 days ago.
I took my last pill the day before the procedure… Had to carry the pill over from the month before so no period that month.
Anyway normally regular when finish the pill… But this time no period and no bleeding after the procedure either - 3 days in only very light spotting for 2 days.
I know for a fact I’m not pregnant as my husband has had the snip 7 years ago and also haven’t done the deed for a few weeks either.

Is this normal to not have a period.



Hi there i have no experience related to no period post procedure, but i had some symptoms which promoted a colposcopy (irregular bleeding) and i haven't had a period since July (husband also had snip) i am putting my cycle going off the rails down to stress and anxiety with build up to my appt, procedure and waiting for results. They won't investigate why i am not menstruating until it has been 6 months, so i am just waiting. I don't want to make the assumption that you are stressed and worried, but if someone else has had no period since leep procedure hope they can help more specifically. Xx


Yes I think i will put it down to stress too and just wait and see if my next period comes as normal.

So far this year I have had 3 squamous cell skin cancer and 2 bcc skin cancer cut out.

The last one being 4 weeks before I got my abnormal smear so think that alone has stressed me this year and probably made my immune system on the low side.

Well onwards and upwards now - fingers crossed no more abnormal cells anywhere.

Im going to try and put it all to the back of my mind until my colposcopy again in 6 months.

Please keep me updated on how you get on with the follow up of no period.

hope you keep well.