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Hi all…

Went to see my consultant yesterday to go over everything he told me last week, incase I didn’t take it all in with the shock of how severe my condition was. He hasn’t told me at what stage I am and I’m to scared to ask if I’m honest. What I do know is that mine is a complex case, where its came from the cervix gone up into my pelvic wall, sitting on my urethra, Fallopian tubes and has penetrated my bladder! now I’m not some naive little girl I have seen at what it maybe is I just don’t want them words from the consultants mouth.

He has said I’m having radical treatment of chemo first and then radiotherapy to try to shrink and contain it within my pelvic area as it hasn’t spread anywhere else thank god! I do feel a little more up beat i know it’s still not good but I’m a happy person anyway and I don’t want my kids seeing me crying or moaning all of the time I will save it till I go to bed.

My family have been amazing and they all want up come with me for my first treatment next week, I think this novelty will wear off.

Also I have read up on apricot kernals which are meant to help shrink tumours! I have had my dad and sister trying to find out the pros and cons also asked my doctor yesterday and he said every little helps and it can’t do no harm! so that’s what I’m doing, also green tea and lots of green veg the greener the better!

Laura xxx

Hi Laura

i'm in awe of your positive attitude - what an inspiration to us all.

A friend of mine who is an alternative therapist recommended that the key here is to boost your immune system, so instead of your 5 a day double it to 10.  And to try to follow an alkaline diet as it deters tumour growth(still researching this).  A juicer would be a good way to get lots of green vegetables into your system.

good luck



Hi Laura, 

I'm glad you're feeling a bit more upbeat and that you've got lots of support around you - it makes all the difference I reckon. :-) 

In terms of not being told what stage you're at - I thought you said in a previous post that you'd been told that you're stage 4? Or was that a mistake? As it's spread to your bladder, it does sound like it's a stage 4, but it is good news that it is still contained within the pelvic area and that they've got a treatment plan sorted out for you. 

Great plan with the healthy diet. Having said that, from what I've heard from other women on the forum who have had chemoradiation, your body may not necessarily be able to tolerate high volumes of things like fruit and veg while you're having your treatment, so probably best to take things one day at a time, see how your body copes and not beat yourself up if you can't always eat in a saintly way! :-) 

If your oncologist definitely and categorically said that it can't do you any harm to take apricot kernals and that it won't interfere with your conventional treatment, then obviously the decision rests with you. I am not in a position to tell you what to do and I am in no way trying to impose my view on you and there is absolutely no judgment coming from me on this whatsoever - I just want to help you and I wouldn't want you to be put off coming on here. I am always concerned though when women are in the vulnerable position that you're in and emotionally things are very hard, that the enormous amounts of deceptive and misleading information that exists on the internet about alternative supposed cures for cancer can seem very convincing. If you're seriously considering taking laetrile (apricot kernals) then arm yourself with scientific information, rather than just information from those who are actually selling the stuff! This page from Cancer Research UK is really comprehensive and informative, and it's worth bearing in mind that Cancer Research UK is a charity and has no vested interest whatsoever in 'promoting' one form of treatment over another - all they want to do is find a cure.  It may be that you decide to pursue this treatment as well as your conventional treatment - and that's entirely your decision to make - but you have the right to be as well informed as you can be before making such a significant decision; at least then you know you've covered all the bases! :-) 

Sending you lots of hugs, 

Annabel. x

Hi annabel and pat thanks for your replies...

Pat being positive and doing everything in my power to do thngs for myself as well as the help of the consultants and nurses is whats keeping me going but most of all the impact this will have on my children i dont want them to think i gave up with out some kind of fight on my part.  xx

Annabel my consultant said there is no harm in trying them he knew about them and didnt think any harm would come of me taking them along side my chemo and radiotherapy.  myself, my sister and my father have all researched it and i agree with you when you say about cancer research uk but there is also a lot of positivity surrounding it and reasons why cancer research dont agree with it. there is going to be a lot of pros and cons with everything even chemo and radiotherapy but we can all but only try.  xx


Hi Laura, 

Yes, if your consultant said it won't do you any harm, then as I said, the decision is with you. You've clearly got the attitude that you want to do everything you can, which is absolutely great. I don't think your children would ever think you gave up without a fight - you seem very determined to me and I am sure that will stand you in good stead as you go through the treatment. I will be thinking about you lots - do you have the dates etc... for your various treatments? 

Lots of love, Annabel. x

Hi Annabel…

Yes I go to clatterbridge the 3rd of July for a pre-op assessment then the 4th is a exploratory examination where I’m sedated and Friday the 5th is my first chemo session. So I’m in for 3 nights four days. Going to miss my kids a lot. I don’t really want them to visit but I know what they are like they will hound their dad till he brings them.

Much love

Laura xx

It's good that you don't have long to wait - it's often said on here that waiting for things is really hard, so it's good things are getting started in the next few days. 

I'll be thinking of you Laura, and I know I won't be the only one on the site who will be. Keep us updated with how it's all going if you'd like to. 

Take very special care, 

Much love, Annabel. x

Hi Laura, just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow. Take care, Tess xx 

Hi Laura - good luck for tomorrow and beyond. We're all rooting for you. x

I have only just seen your well wishers and thank you very much! I went into clatterbridge and ended having to have a blood transfusion which made me have little rosy cheeks and everybody said I looked healthy! ;) the pre-op went well was in a little discomfort where they took another biopsy but not too bad. had a bit of a wobble on the Friday (chemo day) but toughened up an got on with it. I am having there chemos in one which are biomycin, one beginning with M sorry can't remember and cisplatin. I have only had fatigue so far and very grateful for this as I'm a single parent with 4 kids who need me and couldn't cope with the vomiting or many other side effects. 

Next appointment the 26th of July and will only have to stay in for one night as one of the chemos has to be done over 24hrs. 

im kinda hoping my diet has contributed to how well I have taken to the chemo I'm keeping up with the green tea and veg as my appetite is the same really. 

lots of love 

laura xxx