No need to worry

I just want to tell all your ladies about my experience today . 

I had boderline cell changes with evidence of HPV. I have been left worrying for weeks. After reading horror stories on Google about biopsy I have been a mess worrying. The ladies in the clinic could of not did more to make me feel relaxed. She told me during the procedure that was just the same as a smear I did have minor changes and needed a biopsy. One of the ladies held my hand and I asked her when she was going to take a and and she she already had. I could not believe it I didn't feel a tthing. She told me she had inserted a tampon to put pressure on the wound. I have very little cramping now as I write this and I feel only slightly sore. She was able to tell me then that she thought I had nothing to worry about and in her own opinion the minor changes would just need 12monthly smears or back to 3 yearly. Can't believe I have made myself ill over this. Just don't Google anything! And remember that everyone is different. Just because it felt painfull for someone doesn't mean you will be the same .