No more smears

Came home from holiday on Friday to a letter informing me that as I no longer require cervical screening, I'm off the list and won't receive call ups. While this is very obvious after a radical hysterectomy, it still made me feel a bit odd. Makes it more real maybe. But let's look on the positive. No more indignity or discomfort of the dreaded smear test!!

What upset me much more, was a letter from blood donor service confirming that I can no longer give blood due to my malignancy. I was so happy to have escaped transfusion during my op (2 pint blood loss) so that I could donate still, but then got a call (happened to be on my 4th birthday) reminding me of my next appt, so if course I said I couldn't due to recent surgery, and he had to ask why I had it nd then told me that's me dome as a donor. I actually sobbed. Small thing, but important to me. Even writing this now makes me teary!

Hi Blackberry

I completely understand how you feel. I felt upset the other day I can't join in with the conversation about what birth control we are on. Ridiculous I am sure it's normal and time will make everything better. so big hugs to you. My husband can't give blood because he lived in Africa when he was younger, it upset him too. 

Do you not have vault smears (hate the word vault now!). I have to have a 6 month and 18 month ones. Xxx

Hi Blackberry,

I too burst into tears when I was told I could no longer give blood. When I was donating blood in UK they used to put mine in special bags for premature babies.

However, even post rad hyst and chemo rads and brachy I am still expected to go for a 'vault smear' every year.

Be lucky :-)

Hmm, not heard of vault smear, so have now looked it up. I guess I will need to have them but not been told about it yet. First follow up appt not until end Oct so hopefully all will be explained then. Love this forum for the advice and info sharing!

Hi Blackberry :-)

I hadn't heard about vault smears either till I started reading this forum regularly. My oncologist said she wanted me to see a gynaecologist regularly and so, having heard about vault smears, I asked the gynaecologist. We had to resort to drawings because we don't have enough overlapping language but we both obviously understood the same principle and he seemed to think it was the right thing for me to be having so no argument there :-)

Be lucky :-)


Since my hysterectomy I am required to go every three months for a check up which involves a speculum however no cell samples are taken?

I think different hospitals perform different procedures for their checks. X

I guess I'll find out more come October then x

Hi Blackberry

I had a vault smear at 6 months and 18 months post op but not all consultants do them.  Many don't think they are necessary and when I asked my consultant why some do and some don't he just said it was a matter of personal choice by the consultant concerned.  I'm not down to have any more and am just on 4 monthly checks at the moment which will hopefully become 6 monthly ones at the end of this year if everything is ok.