No more cancer

Just a quick one to say my results from cone biopsy came back clear. It's a huge relief and a massive weight off my shoulders.

Unfortunately though I was also told the MDT are now quite concerned about my ability to have children at all because of the amount of my cervix that has been removed (I think about 4cm total from lletz and cone biopsy). I also had scar tissue from lletz but figured that was normal, Google tells me it's not and can stop sperm from getting through, ie not possible to get pregnant. Would scar tissue have been removed in cone biopsy? Don't really understand. I asked at pretty much every appointment if they could tell me what effect this would have on my ability to have children. The first time I was told "well you can't have kids if you're dead". I didn't see her again and my other consultant just kept brushing it off as nothing to worry about so I'm obviously a bit taken aback. The other thing that's slightly bothering me is the cone biopsy sample had no abnormal cells or cancer at all meaning I could have got away with not having it. I don't regret having it because it was a no brainer with the info I had at the time but if they had informed me that it could result in me not being able to have children at all I would have considered watch a wait. I don't mean to come across insensitive. I'm thrilled the cancer is gone I just feel like a whole other bombshell has been dropped that I wasn't prepared for. Doesn't help that my mums telling the whole world either, talk about pressure. Anyway, they're gonna measure what's left of my cervix in 6 months to see what the deal is. I feel I dealt with the cancer very well, maybe I was a bit naive, but I'm struggling with this, I'm 25 with no children and desperately want a family. Sorry for having a bit of a rant, all sorts of emotions rushing through me at the moment. Thanks everyone for your support through all this.

Will try and keep in touch till my next appointment  and my love goes out to everyone still fighting this. Xxx

Hey Jojo,

Fantastic news about getting the all clear. I am so pleased to hear that - plus it gives me a bit of a boost too :-).

Now you have the new dilemma though....unfortunately I don't know anything about it to advise you. I wouldn't rely on google as gospel however. I guess frustrating as it is you have to wait the 6 months until they measure your cervix. I wouldnt automatically assume that you can't have children however. I know its waiting for result... You automatically assume the worst! I hope it all works out for you. I'm sure it will.

Lots of love xxx

Thanks Kelly :). I've tried my best up until now to not post anything negative but I think my emotions are finally all catching up with me. Thinking of you and all the best with your results and treatment xxx

Hi Jojo

SO sorry you are in this position but wonderful news you have the all clear!

I have had a trachelectomy so have no/very little cervix left.  It is possible to have children after a trachelectomy and I am on a facbook group were several women are currently pregnant post trach - it can be more difficult but it's not possible.  During the trach surgery they place something called a cerclage which will hold the cervix together and support the baby during pregnancy.  Perhaps you could look at getting one of these too.

There can also be issues with scar tissue after a trach and the sperm can find it difficult to get through.  I've heard of women having procedures to dilate the remaining cervix and clear scar tissue.  I've also heard of them having IUI to bypass the scar tissue (Intrauterine insemination) - again, perhaps these are possibilities for you down the line.  

Finally, lack of cervical mucus is another barrier as this mucus helps the sperm stay alive.  You can use preseed to help with this though.

I guess what i'm trying to say is that there are options and there is hope!  It sounds like you just need a sympathetic consultant and someone to listen, be proactive and take notice!  You sometimes have to be very insistent and demand to have things investigated.  

Oh and it's completely normal to be struggling with this latest turn of events.  I truly believe there is hope though and lots of options.


That's what we are here for isn't rant and rave at each other. Its hard to do that to people who havent been on the CC rollercoaster. You are justified to feel the way you do so don't feel bad for feeling like this. You have gone from one big shock to another. Like i said, i hope it all works out for you. Stay positive xxx

Thanks so much for your reply Nellie! I'll write those things down and mention them at the 6 month appointment. I didn't ask anywhere near enough questions at my last one. Feeling much better already, I hate not understanding my own body. Hope you're well xxx

Hi Jojo,

I just wanted to give you my support. I can't help with any of your questions but I think Nellie has done a grand job :-)

I do think that the person who said "well you can't have kids if you're dead" should be reported. No matter what was going on in their personal world that day there must be better ways to explain your situation to you than to be as blunt and as brusque as that.

Be lucky :-)

Thank you Tivoli :). Just had a weekend shopping for bridesmaids dresses so feeling much better. Yeah I was very glad to hear I wouldn't have to see her again. My boyfriend asked her if he needed to worry about having hpv himself and her response was "well what do you want me to do? Chop your Willy off?". Needless to say he didn't ask anymore questions after that...! We didn't take it to heart but I'm sure many people would have. Hope you're well xxx

Shopping for bridesmaids dresses must be huge fun! Glad you enjoyed it. If that was the same person saying that to your fella she definitely needs to be reported! Those two comments would quite definitely have sent quite a lot of people over the edge.

Be lucky :-)