No more cancer but what about babies

Just looking for some reassurance and other people's experiences really. 

After an all clear 1a1 cancer result following cone biopsy I've been told mdt are concerned about whether I will be able to have children due to how much cervix was removed (I think 4cm from lletz and cone biopsy). I was always given the impression that I had more chance of miscarriage or Prem birth but that it was unlikely, now I feel I'm being told I might not be able to carry at all which has really surprised me. They're going to check the length of my cervix at 6 month checkup. There was scar tissue from the lletz, not sure about after cone. She mentioned incompetent cervix but said I'd have to of had 3 second trimester miscarriages before that would be diagnosed. I've gone from being quite certain on what the deal was to being very confused. Anyone else experienced anything similar? I'm hoping she's just being over cautious but I'm 25 and really want to start a family. She also said if any abnormal cells returned I'd have to have a trachalectomy, I'd already prepared myself for this anyway but I'm just a bit confused, I've read about people having children after trachalectomy so confused as to why they're concerned when I've had much less invasive treatment? 

Thanks to anyone who can offer their experiences.


Hi Hon...I am a midwife. I think you would be a very good candidate for what the call a McDonald's suture, which is put in during the second trimester and removed at term! Ask your team, or ask your gp to refer you to a pre conception clinic to discuss your options with a gynae doc! I think it would be very unfair for them to adopt a wait and see approach...

Thank you for your reply :). I've not heard of that so I'll look into it and definitely bring it up when I next go to the hospital. I hope you're well xxx


Wow she sounds like a right misery! There seem to be lots of doctors out there who are complete pessimists! Try not to let her get you down, miserable cow.

I would say the same as Helsweld. There are stitch options out there. I have a TAC - Transabdominal cerclarge which was done when I had my cancer op, There are specailst doctors out there who you can be refered to once you are pregnant. So dont worry, just arm yourself with some knowledege and dont take no for an answer. After they measure your cervix they will have a better idea about what would be needed.

No ethical doctor would stand around and let you have repeated miscarriages, she must be crackers.



I thought it seemed a bit outrageous! Going to try my hardest to get back to being a 25 year old for the next 6 months and then tackle it. Hope you're well. Congratulations and i wish you all the best with your pregnancy :)! Xxx

Hello there, firstly congrats on your results great news!

i had a trachelectomy 6 years ago and I now have a two and a half year old son and about to try for baby number too. As I had barely any cervix left I had a stitch put in during the 12th week of pregnancy and I did have to take it very easy (no lifting at all and lots of lying on my side to take pressure off what was left of cervix) but I had a planned C section at 37 weeks with no problem. By the end of the pregnancy I only had about 2mm of cervix left but all was fine.

Try not to worry. I know from what my doctor said that I am one of many women who have had their cervix removed and still had children.

All the best


Hi Rocket thank you so much for your reply :). Nice to hear of successful stories and i'm feeling much more positive about everything now. Hope you're well and all the best with baby number two xxx