No information what's so ever. So worried

I'm 21,  my sister told me I should have a pap smear since I've never had one and I'm in a committed sexually active relationship! the day off my appointment I was so nervous, and the papsmear was over, it was uncomfortable but not that bad! 2 weeks later the office called and said I had "abnormal" results, I had no clue what that meant! All I knew was I had to go see a diffrent obgyn clinic for a colposcopy. here I am again at another awkward nervous visit, they were nice tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible. He said he may or may not have to do a biopsy depending on what he sees, well I guess he saw something because he told me he was going to do 3 separate biopsys. And yes, it was so uncomfortable very painful an just something I never want to experience again! Finaly he was done an he told me my results would be back in a week. Still confused, no one have me any info, no pamphlets so I left with awful cramps an just went home. I started googling things an seen there were thing you were not supposed to do after a colposcopy for risk of infection! like no bath, interciurse, swimming for 4-6 weeks. I just don't understand how no one mentioned any of this at the one explained a thing to me. He never explained what he saw that made him want to do the biopsy or what it could be...I being shy and nervous as it was didn't ask any questions just left when they said I could go! I don't pan on going back to that obgyn. i ended up calling the office back and asking some questions of why he did the biopsy and they said I had to spots of cell growth, an it needed futher testing. That's all she said! I'm so scared I don't know what any of this means an no one explained anything to me! 

Oh, I am so sorry you are going through this experience - it's really awful that you have not been provided with information. Not knowing really feeds into worry and fear. It ssounds like the gynae department are not being especially communicative or helpful, so I wonder whether it might be worth making a GP appointment to discuss what's been going on.  Your GP surgery will have at least a detailed note of your smear result, and I am sure they will be able to discuss that with you and provide some reassurance.

I imagine what they mean by 'cell growth needing further testing' is that when they put the chemicals on your cervix, they showed up some areas of mild abnormal cell growth. Then it's pretty routine to take biopsies so that it can be further investigated. It doesn't mean they saw something awful. It has been shown that a lot of mild changes in the under-25s clear up without treatment, and they don't like to treat people when it's not necessary. I think if they had seen anything that looked severe, they would have offered treatment there and then. That seems to be par for the course - I am a newbie but I have carefully studied my leaflets!

About avoiding baths/swimming/sex/tampons for 4-6 weeks - I really think that is only in the case of if you have had LLETZ treatment. Biopsies do need a little time to heal, but I think that's more like a week. Do ask your GP before doing those things, but this leaflet: seems to suggest that a week is enough for a simple colposcopy. It is just to make sure the area can heal, and avoid infection.

Do contact your GP if you feel scared. It is so unlikely that there is anything seriously wrong, because of your age, the mildly abnormal result, and the fact you were not told that something was wrong when the colposcopy took place. But I am disappointed with the lack of communication you have had - it seems unfair on you and I think you would benefit from a chat with your doc to put your mind at rest :) xxx