No hysterectomy?


I have stage 1B2 adenosquamous CC. After a PET scan it was confirmed that I have slight trace in one lymph node as well. I was totally expecting a hysterectomy as part of my treatment but it seems that they are going to do chemoradiation + brachytherapy, which will leave me infertile anyway, but said there is no need for a hysterectomy. 

Surely a hysterectomy would be a bt of insurance that the CC would not be able to come back? It would all be surplus to requirements. Even my ovaries will be useless so why not just get rid?

Any thoughts?


Hi Louise,

I knew I had seen another post on this so I trailed back for you. This isn't my answer but I couldn't find a way of giving you link so copied it for you...  

My Doctor explained the radiotherapy literally fries away your organs! So it's kind of like having a chemical hysterectomy anyway but better as chemo is a whole body treatment and the radiotherapy much better at getting to places surgery won't so the idea is it really catches any micro mets critters hanging around ready to sting you with a recurrence. If they went in surgically there would be nothing to remove anyway! 

The post also mentioned surgery would be difficult afterwards because of scar tissue caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy xxx

Thanks Sarah. That's very helpful. I was probably told that in the appointment but it's not easy to take it all in is it. Very kind of you to take the time to find that for me xxx


You are welcome Hun all the best for your treatment. And ask on here anytime it has been an amazing help for me. Xxxx

can i also say ic362 that my mum has just ben diagnosed today. They dont know the stage yet but they have also suggested radiotherapy instead of surgery. i was surprised and asked why not just a straight forward radical hysterectomy. He said its not always the best option as some women when they've had surgery, still require radiotherapy. Apparently its about minimising risk and just taking whats affected.....


im sorry for butting in. My mums diagnosis has knocked me for six and i was wondering if anyone had any success stories..... i feel so alone and lost. im spending my time being positive for mum but falling to pieces everywhere else....

Hi , I had a RH back in Oct 13. After all that they found out I needed radiotherapy due to tumor grading and lvsi spread. If there is a slight trace in your lymph nodes then chemo/radio is the best option I think as surgery might not get all the microscopic cells which can be left after surgery.

Love lea x

Hi again Shavorne,

If you want to read a (rather long) success story then click on my name in pink. That will take you to my profile where you can spend an hour or so reading "My Big Fat Greek Hysterectomy" I hope it puts a smile on your face :-)

Be lucky :-)

Thanks for the info. Was just such a surprise and I kind of felt like 'if it can be removed then do it just increase'. 

I'm sure the doctors know what they are doing lol xxx