No further treatment needed!

I've just received the news that after my radical hysterectomy that no further treatment is needed!! 

I cant actually believe it..I'm so so relieved and happy! 

I had the call off my Macmillan nurse who didn't go into great detail because I have an appointment next week with my consultant but she was able to tell me that it's was decided today that no further treatment would be needed!

I would like to thank everyone in here that has offered me support over the last 6's been tough but I've kicked its ass!! 

I wish everyone luck in their journeys that they have ahead of them.

kay x


Woot woot!!!!!

lol thanks lolli, hope your well xx

Im so happy for u great  news 

Thankyou so much 

Aw Kay I'm so so incredibly happy for you!! I've been wondering how you were getting on as we both had such a bumpy undecided road but what an absolute pay off you've had. Welldone you for staying so strong!!! Now go enjoy your long healthy life. Take care 

G  xx

Wonderful news Kay! xx

This is fab news Kay! Xxxxxxx

Great news 

yes you've given it a good kicking 

now you can move forward with your life and enjoy every day knowing your cancer free 

onwards and upwards 

love Michelle xx 

Thankyou so much everyone for  your kind wishes..Without the wonderful ladies on this forum I honestly don't think I could of stayed as strong as I have...the emotional rollercoaster that we are on is crazy and no one understands unless you've actually been through I will always be eternally grateful...

 wish you all the strength, luck & love in the've got this ladies 

lots of love to you all

kay x