No discharge is this normal

I have beem reading about  people that  got  a green discharge  i have  not had any discharge is  that  normal  im worried  it means  my cancer is still here  no scan  till next  month  sorry i ask so many  random things  xxx 

I didn't, and the consultant sad that was fine as not everyone experiences it. I did have clear, watery discharge post brachy, but again some people do and some don't. X


it is my understanding that if you do not experience discharge that it is because your body has just absorbed it and it will come out in another way, such as in your urine but you will not notice as it is more watered down. Do t worry your cancer is still getting eliminated!! :)

I.must sound  so stupid 


No question is stupid! This is a place where you don't have to worry about such things. We are all here to support one another. 


As the scan  gets  closer I'm. Over thinking  everything  i just  need to know now  n thanks so much x x x 

Just wanted to let you know that I dont have any discharge either and in fact my body reacted rather well to the Brachytherapy in so much as I didn't have any side effects.  Even my consultant was surprised and last week when I had my final Brachytherapy I didnt even bleed much.  Im taking it as a good sign that the cervix is recovering well and the radiotherapy has been working overtime to kill the cancer cells :-)

Its hard now sitting and playing the waiting game for a scan to see the results but stay positive.

Marie xx