no children & concerned about fertility

Hi everyone im new to this forum and joined after having my first smear test 2 weeks ago (im 24). 2 days ago i received a letter through the post explaining that i had boderline abnormal cell changes and high risk HPV. I have a colposcopy booked in 5 weeks time. I dont know if im being over-dramatic, but ever since all iv been thinking is “will this lower my chances of having children?” Being told i couldn’t have children has always been a huge fear of mine.
I guess my question is; when does fertility become an issue in all of this? is it the HPV? The abnormal cells? or the treatment? that causes fertility issues. I would even consider delaying treatment (if needed) if it meant my chances of fertility were not affected!!
Again, im sorry if this sounds petty, im just really worried.
Thank you all in advance :slight_smile: Kayley Xx

Hi Kayley

Sorry that you are dealing with this but please try not to panic at this stage. You are borderline abnormal, not severe, and they are investigating and treating it so you are already taking steps to get rid of these abnormal cells. I definitely would not delay any treatment as this certainly won't help in the long run and your abnormal cells may increase. The best things to do for you and your future fertility is to get the cells dealt with, which you are doing so that's great.

I had cervical cancer and complete removal of my cervix. After my treatment I now have a three year old and currently 24 weeks pregnant with twins. It has not been an easy journey but if the abnormal cells had been detected and treated before they reached cancer stage then it would have been a lot easier.

So you are absolutely doing the right thing by getting the colposcopy done and getting things sorted so they don't have a chance to develop.

Take care
A x

Hi Rocket!

Thank you so much for your response and congratulations on your pregnancy and your three year old child, it sounds like you will soon have your hands full :-).

Your message has definitely assured me that removing the cells is the most sensible choice. My friend, after spending a week in hospital after she got an infection from her LLETZ treatment, was diagnosed with cancer with that and my colposcopy in 4 weeks time, this awful illness is all I can think about :-(.

Thank you and health to you xx

Hi ladies, just been reading through this thread & I have a question for you rocket55. I've had 2 lletz  procedures and am and have been trying to conceive my first baby for some time. Did you become pregnant naturally or was it IVF? Sorry for the personal question, I am currently beginning ivf myself, your story has given me hope!