No chemorad a hysterectomy instead!

Hi everyone just had to come on here and vent my frustration and confusion..after 2 months of back and for and various scans andna eua the hospital have just rang and informed me they are now staging me at A 1b1 not a 2 a so looks like I'm going to be having a hysterectomy and not chemo rad...I really don't know how I feel about this because I've had months to do extensive research and initially I wanted a hysterectomy but after all of my reading I was edging towards the chemorad being a better treatment for me...any advice would be gratefully received as my head spinning out and I don't know what to think now...

kay x

Hi Kay,

Firstly, sorry you have found youself in this situation.

I was staged at 1b1 back in October, and since had chemorads.

There are many things to consider with treatment and would advise you to think of the following :

1. Do you have/want children?

2. Hormones - with hystorectomy you may have to go onto HRT


I had no choice but to have chemorads as I had 2 lymph nodes involved. If these weren't involved my Consultant was planning to complete a hystorectomy. 


Either way, I don't think there is a better option - it is what is right for you, to ensure you will be all clear. Your Consultant will most certainly give you the best option as they see it, having taking your results to the MDT.

Remember, there are many paths that take you to the same destination - as long as you get there, that's all that matters - have faith in your Oncologist.

Good Luck :) xx

Evening Kaye

I was same as u I had convinced myself I was going to have a hysterectomy but with lymph involvement I am now half way through my chemo/rad treatment. The consultant will have picked the best treatment for u an the best outcome.

Trust ur consultant they are the experts.