No change to my tumour

Hi ladies, 

hope your all as well as you can be.

so today I saw my consultant to discuss the results of MRI scan I had done on Friday.  I only have 1 chemo session left to go, 5 radiotherapy sessions and 3 brachytherapy sessions.  She explained in the appointment that the tumour has remained the same size and there has been no change! I'm absolutely gutted and scared stiff now that the treatment isn't/hasn't worked for me and dreading getting through the next 3 months knowing what I currently know.

i was just wondering if anyone else had been in this situation and how things turned out for you?

Many thanks 


Hi Michelle. Really sorry to hear your news. I can understand your feeling gutted after going through all that. I don't have a similar story, but just wanted to commiserate with you. Has the consultant suggested what else might be offered if nothing changes? there are women on the forum who have had other treatments, so try your best not to lose hope. I do hope that things turn around with the brachytherapy. All the very best Michelle. X

Thank you Rachel, unfortunately nothing else has been discussed at the moment, I was under the impression from my consultant that there is nothing else available for me other than to try to 'manage' it should there be no change.  Think I will have to have another chat with her to find out what options I may have xx

Fingers  crossed  4 u  im sure there is another  chemo  people have  had inbox me  if u need  to talk xx

Hi Michelle it's so disheartening isn't it. What type of cancer have you got & stage?

i had 2b adenocarcinoma had 5 chemo, 25 radio, 3 brachytherapy.

i remember my Mri after chemo / radio- prior to brachytherapy- doctor said not much change- I was so sorry & thinking oh no. Doctor explained my type of cancer was slow to respond to treatment and I'd have a specific (interstitial) brachytherapy treatment. 

It was a while before I got the news I'd so longed to hear -   8 month post treatment- but I did hear it - no evidence of anything!

There were some hiccups along the way!

Rest assured this treatment continues working for months and the brachytherapy is just amazing.

Fingers crossed you hear your good news very soon.


Hi michelle

no need to panic just yet as some people have tumours that are a bit stubborn and don't respond immediately to treatment. The last week of radio and the brachy will affect it the most and as pp mentioned treatment works for quite awhile after. Pls don't despair you will see a response soon And probably some really gross discharge well before a scan confirms that the tumour is indeed gone!

i knew my treatment was doing its job at the very end of my treatment because I was having horrible discharge and my dr said it was a very good sign. 


Thank you ladies, I have just had my first round of brachytherapy and the doctor found a huge amount of nasty green gunk inside me which she said may be the tumour dying from the inside out, the discharge has Ben horrendous these past few weeks but I had just put it down to being a side effect.  I have stage 3b, they haven't said much else other than it's over 5cm and I had to have a stent fitted for my bladder as it was obstructing it.  I'm hoping this discharge is the sign the cancer is dying but don't want to build my hopes to much.  It's such a strange feeling trying to keep positive for everyone around me when really I'm terrified xx

Is ur stent an nephostomy  lik mine or is it internal im glad  ur brachy  went  well  x

Internal.  Thank you xx

Hi Michelle. 

yes I do agree that it is weird being one way but inside feeling another. Even now I experience that once in awhile. I feel scared it will come back but I blow it off like it's all good to people around me as to not bother them or even because I don't want to hear the "it will be ok" .....I hate hearing that from people who really know nothing about this whole thing. On here it's ok but hearing it from people who trully don't understand bothers me. So i keep my fears to myself. 

However, I do believe that things are going well for you. The discharge is indeed a good sign. I continued to have it for about a month after treatment. I kept asking for a swab thinking it was some infection but each time it was clear.  

you are almost at the finish line.....


Michelle, hi,

i was in a similar position in 2010, after a month of treatment I went for brachytherapy, was told the following week that the tumour was not responding as well as expected to heart sank and I asked for plan B! I was told let's finish treatment and see and by brachytherapy number 2 things were looking up and here I am in 2017 smiling and telling you to keep Positive as the radio keeps on working for a few weeks after treatment has ended and brachytherapy (for me it was painful but others had no problem with the rods being removed) is pretty strong stuff too.


big hugs,