No cancer found.

Just got the results over the phone from my vaginectomy on 11th Dec.

No cancer found.

Happy Christmas Everyone!

Fantastic news xx

Wahey x brilliant. 

Look after yourselfand have an amazing xmas x 



this is fantastic news!!!! I've been waiting anxiously to hear the outcome. hope the op was ok and you're recovering well.


happy Xmas 365 xxxx


Wonderful news for Xmas. Look after yourself.

lots of love



Brilliant! Merry Christmas xxx

I really hope this news makes you happy.

Have a brilliant Christmas


Hooray, super news!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas


Congrats!!! That's a great Xmas present! 

Soooo happy for you Julia.

Happy Christmas to you and all the wonderful women out there. 

That's brilliant news so happy for you. Best Xmas present hey! Xx

Brilliant news! So pleased for you x

Yay! Excellent news. Best wishes for a less eventful 2016 x x