No bleeding

Hi All, had my colposcopy yesterday - HPV 16 and CIN3 (first time I’ve had a smear in over ten years, very silly) Any way, I have read about the biopsy being painful and bleeds after wards.  I didn’t feel any pain with the biopsy and 24 hours later I still haven’t bled, is this normal?  I’m booked in for the wire loop on Feb 15th too!  

Hi Kimrich, I had mine too yesterday with no bleeding and not much discomfort. The consultant has advised he will be booking the LLETZ in under local anaesthetic as I handled the colp well. I think it just depends on the individual and to be honest I would take comfort in the fact that there is no pain or bleeding, can only be a good sign, right?


Hi ladies, 

I ve had a colposcopy and biopsy taken in december and i didn't find it painful either. Due to the findings i had to have lletz yesterday under local anesthetic. It wasn't bad, the only painful thing is when they inject the anesthetic  in your cervix. Other than that you won t feel a thing.. i cryed a.lot, cause im a wus... it wasn t the pain, but tge anxiety.. i guess.. now i m waiting for the results.. fingers crossed they managed to remove all bad cells.. good luck to you both! 


I was the same, with biopsies didn't feel any pain really and no bleeding, maybe just  bit of spotting on the day and the silver nitrate discharge. I also recently had LLETZ and like the other person said the most uncomfortable bit is the injection. I haven't bled to much after LLETZ either, 4 days of spotting and then 4 days no bleeding at all so far, I guess I just heal quick. I'm due my period next week so that will be interesting though :/.