No bleeding/ no period *worried*

Hi all,

I’m a bit concerned as I have not had a period (or any bleeding for that matter) since my LLETZ treatment for CIN3 and CGIN ON 1st April 2015. Is this normal?

I’ve felt like I should be coming on over the past two weeks I.e. Some pain, head aches and increased hunger (need for chocolate!!), but had nothing?

I had an infection a week after the treatment but no bleeding or anything since the op. Is that normal?

Also, slightly unrelated, but when I got my results back and it was CGIN, I was slightly concerned that they had only done a LLETZ as my understanding is that CGIN is abnormalities of the glands which run up the middle of your cervix to your womb? I just wonder how LLETZ could have removed this when it only takes the bottom layer of your cervix away?

Any advice/ pearls of wisdom would be greatly received…

Best wishes,

H xx