No bleeding after llettz..... is this normal???

I had llettz procedure done last Monday, 6 days ago now. I’ve not really had any bleeding just a light spotting for the 1st day, I am getting a bit of yellowish discharge (sorry for tmi), and have had period like cramps and slight back ache, which I’m putting this down to being due my period today. Is this normal? I keep expecting to bleed any day now.


Hi, I had mine done the same day and I've been exactly the same. I keep thinking surely there must be something more than this, I have read a few posts from others though where it was day 10 before any bleeding so may be yet to come. It'll probably happen when we are least expecting it or when its not convenient!

I was worse after the biopsy to be honest- I could end up regretting that comment. 

Did you get any results yet?


Mine was pretty light, I wouldn't worry it just means they cauterised the wound well x