no biopsy taken at cols

hi ladies I had a borderline postive hp v smear in Oct 2014 and had my cols Nov 2014 doctor at cols said everything looked fine and no biopsy was taken the doctor said my doctor will be in toich when my next smear is due 6 months later I booked in with my doctor for a resmear howevever when I got there the nurse said she could do it but once my sample goes to the lab they will throw it away as I'm not dur a smear till 2017 my question is has anyone had a cold and no biopsy was taken in soo scared


When you had your colposcopy were you told you would be referred for 6 monthly smears? or did you book in after 6 months assuming this was the case? If you werent reffered for 6 monthly smears then the lab will not process the sample as they wont be expecting you to return until 2017. I would contact the department of gynaecology at your local hospital where you had the colposcopy and query that as its always possible someone has miscommunicated somewhere.


Take Care.

Charlene xx

no hun the colposcopy doctor said my doctors surgery will be in touch when my next smear is due I went to my doctors 6 months after my cols and the nurse said she could do the smear but the lab will just throw it away xx