no biopsy but borderline and hpv smear result

plz help I'm going out of my mind in October I had my first smear aged 27 results came back as borderlinee with hpv I had my colopsy in November and doctor said everything looked fine however he didn't do biopsy has anyone else expericanced this plz xxx

Hi Laura

According to my doctor, 'borderline' kind of means 'we can't really see what's going on here'. Because the high risk HPV can cause changes,they no doubt wanted a look to see what they could see. If however, the doctor can't see any abnormal areas, there's nothing to biopsy.

Can you perhaps give the doctor who examined you a ring, to confirm that this is indeed the case?


thank u for ur reply hun I'm going to ring my doctors on Tuesday to book in for a re smear xxxx