no biopsy at colposcopy?

Hi again ladies! I had my smear test on 1st April. Had a letter saying that i had high grade dyskaryosis a week after. Day After the letter I got a call to say they'd had a colposcopy cancellation did I want the appointment. So I had my colposcopy yesterday, she said the area is large but doesn't look that bad. So just wanted me to go back for lletz under general anaesthetic. Just wondering why they didn't do a biopsy or anything there and then? Has anyone else had colposcopy then been asked to go back for day surgery? Xxx

They didnt need to do a biopsy as they know it needs treatment, also to defend that is the fact your smear was high grade dykaryosis. It's better for you the fact they didnt do a biopsy as that would just add another good few weeks to your waiting waiting waiting lol. The lletz is intact a biopsy in itself. So that why they didnt do a punch biopsy I think. xxx

Thank you :) im glad really. Xxx