No appetite

I'm making myself eat some breakfast an drying to eat dinner but I just have no appetite at all :/

And trying*



I went through the no eating but when i found our staging and that my mri and pet scan where clear i starting eating.  Stqy strong and try to eat you need to keep your strengths up.


Christine  x

I was the opposite, I ate like a horse!

Three weeks of feeling nauseous after my op put paid to the extra weight though! 

I really feel for you, it is awful being in this situation,  but you will get through it.


I am just the same but combination of not sleeping and not eating I am starting to feel it so I am forcing a meal in the evening and fruit in day. 

Plain biscuits might be a good option too. Big hugs when do you get to hear? Please let us know xxx

Good thinking Sarah.

The nurse told me yesterday the team are meeting on Monday so I can find out on Monday. 

Do you know what you're dealing with?


I can't believe we're having to go through this :(

^^just read your post x