No admission letter - lletz



I have my lletz under general anaesthetic on monday at 7.30am but my admission letter never arrived. I was away thursday/friday so expected to receive it when I got home but no sign of it. I can't in touch with anyone in colposcopy, admissions or the ward, i guess because it's a saturday.


Does anyone know if taking an admission letter with you is essential? I'm scared I'm going to be turned away. I know I am supposed to wash the day before, remove jewellry and fast from midnight but I don't know what time I have to stop drinking water? Is there anything else you need to do before?


Thanks all... I'm really worried my lletz will be cancelled :(

Was you going to day surgery unit? If so some do work the weekends. 

I was asked for my letter but really think it would be fine if you haven't got it.  What time do you have to be there?

Sorry just seen 07:30! 

Same time I had to be there, in which case I was told no food after midnight but was allowed water up until 06:00.  I was first on the theatre list. 

Thanks so much for your reply, I will stop drinking water at 6 then. I have tried calling the day unit, and colposcopy and admissions, but no answer anywhere which is why I think they may all be closed :( Not sure whether to pretend I just forgot my letter in case not having received it at all means I'm turned away, since I won't have seen their specific instructions...

Just say it never arrived. 

Good luck. 

Thank you!

I think it will be fine, it just makes their job easier if they have your NHS number and all that stuff that would be on your letter 

I often lose hospital letters that I need to take with me to my appt but they never turn me away

i just had my lletz under local anaesthetic so  sure about GA 

best of luck! 

I just had mine under GA and they did ask for my letter but I can't imagine it being a problem if you don't have it. 

my procedure was booked in for 1:30 so I had to be at the hospital by 11am. I was told no food after 7am and between 7 and 11 I was allowed on 50ml water per hour. So if you do drink water, make sure it's not too much. Personally I never ate or drank anything after 7am. 


Good luck x

Thanks for your replies :)


Should anyone in my position read this, they operated without the letter, i just googled fasting times and removed jewellery!