No 6month smear but colposcopy

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Looking for some guidance/advice. I got LLETZ carried out 3 weeks ago for CIN, at the time they said would be a 6 month smear for follow up. I got a letter today saying no further treatment required at this time, but I’ve to go for a colposcopy in 6 months rather than a smear. Anyone else had that, or any reason why the my would do that? Thanks x

I did years ago - after my LLETZ and Knife Cone Biopsies. Colposcopy provides much more information than a smear test. To start with you’ve got up to 40 x magnification of the cervix (as opposed to the nurse peering in with the naked eye) and they can use iodine or equivalent to stain the area and check that there’s nothing that responds abnormally. So as far as a check up is concerned, a colposcopy is your best option I think.


Also, sad to say after the initial colposcopy I had smears for 20 years and latterly they were completely inadequate and said I was clear - because of the scar tissue (so I am told) from 3 procedures. They ended up finding cancer only when I had a colposcopy after blood spotting in post menopause. If I’d had regular colposcopies they would have detected it earlier.


Thanks @Jacks133 yes I think your right best to get a detailed checkup rather than a smear. I guess I’m in good hands and they are looking out for me and for that I am grateful

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Hi Lisa,

I too had my 6 month follow up at the colposcopy clinic, but it was just a smear albeit a more in depth one. I have read quite a few people whose clinics prefer to do them their selves rather than discharge you back to the doctors. In my case it’s because I had CGIN and CIN so needed an endo and ecto (deeper into the cervical canal ) swab. However, I’m relieved that I’m being kept an eye by the clinic, as has been mentioned regular smears can and do sometimes not offer the bigger picture. I also found it helpful going back to see my consultant as when I went in the first time I was a wreck and didn’t ask many questions, I asked about 50 this time! I haven’t had my results from the test of cure yet, but I can honestly say that the 2nd time around was a much more.pleasant experience.


Thanks @Lisamg83
Yea guess your right much prefer to have a detailed look and get feedback at the time of what they see as you don’t get that with your normal GP surgery smear

This is just like me. I too had a load of questions this time about CGIN. Still waiting for my results 6 weeks on.

Have you had your results? Fingers crossed dots all clear for you.

I have my 6 month test of cure next Friday and I too had CGIN, so am having a smear and coloscopy. My anxiety is through the roof at the moment :see_no_evil:

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Hey, only had the initial result back after the LETZ my 6month colposcopy isn’t till August. So a wee while away yet. Good luck on Friday hope it all goes well for you :muscle:t2:

Yes I had the all clear so another smear in a year. My results took 7 weeks to come through.